Healthy food global market export trend

Over the past two years, the healthy trend has been very popular and is likely to grow by more than 7% worldwide. The interesting thing about this trend is ‘Future Food Trends' #FutureFood means food that does not use chemicals in production.

Future Food will change the export industry to increase the value in the 4.0 era, which will result in the changing product model and have promoted the development of the industry into the market more.

One factor that makes Future Food important to the food industry because it is a food that is vital to the body and safe for consumption.

Future Food is divided into 4 groups:

1. Organic Food is Products derived from agricultural products that are safe from chemicals

2. Novel Food is a new type of food that is very innovative. It is a food that uses a new production process and never produced before or as food from plants or animals.

3. Functional Food is a product that is not a medicine or supplement. It is a food designed for the treatment of patients with specific diseases or those who are unable to eat normal food.

4. Medical Food is a product that can act as a nutritional value for the body.