Share 3 successful experiences that hoteliers must know

In the business world, achieving success is not just education in textbooks, but "experiences" that come from doing trial and error, being heated and cold in various situations. The DOTS: Hotel Game Changer course by SCB SME has organized the session "Sharing thoughts and business experience". Invited Khun Ditthawat Issara, Assistant Managing Director Charn Issara Development PCL., Khun Sarun Limsawaswong from S31 Sukhumvit Hotel and Khun Jarujit Baiyoke Assistant president Baiyoke Group, 3 successful business people come to share experiences that hoteliers need to know.

3 hotel business routes

Khun Ditthawat or Khun Platu told about the origin of "Sri panwa
" that arose from the idea of Khun Plawan, Worasit Issara, the oldest brother who graduated in hotel management from Switzerland. He wanted to develop a beautiful land in Phuket to be a super luxury hotel instead of the family real estate project. Starting from the small scale from 11 villas 15 years ago. In which Khun Platu helped to oversee the marketing activities of Sri panwa and see the growth from 11 villas to 30 and 50 villas, in which Sri panwa will open a new phase soon. Sri panwa will open a new phase soon.

Khun Sarun Limsawaswong or Khun Nueng owner of the S Group Hotel spoke of starting a hotel business 12 years ago with a dream to build a small hotel which started with the 72-room hotel business. Started from the first step since never making a hotel Until expanding the business to 6 hotels, totaling over 1,000 rooms.

Khun Jarujit Baiyoke or Khun Bum used to study culinary studies from Le Cordon Bleu and started the family business of the Baiyoke Hotel. And then proceeded to run the "Hua Chang Heritage" luxury segment hotel that Khun Bum is good at.  

The important mindset is Passion, ask and listen

For Khun Neung's viewpoint, "the idea of ​​being a hotel man" is a passionate and fun way to open every new hotel. When knowing more about customers, hotel products became even clearer and expanded the market even more. Khun Nueng started working at the hotel when she was 33 years old. She recruited employees who are older and more experienced which is considered useful to learn dozens of experiences years from them. However, it must be clear and decide for yourself.

Khun Bum said about adjusting the mindset when starting into the family business that "Having to adjust the mindset a lot from what I thought I saw a lot and I was not satisfied with anything. And when doing the campaign but not being successful began to understand that if she didn't know anything, asked the elders who had done it in front of the job and were successful. Not just looking at data from numbers on paper and the key is to throw the Ego out, admitting that there is someone better than yourself. Do not think that you are better than them. The seniors and employees will feel that we are the same team. It is not just the daughter of the owners who walked and demand, even without knowing anything. And if the employees have any problems, they will come and talk to us. "

Same as Khun Platu, look at passion, asking questions/listening is important in management. Khun Platu's story, it is a family business that has changed from generation to the new generation. Even though he is the owner's son, it requires knowledge and support from the old people who have experience before. However, as a new generation, he must be a Game Changer to change the business in time and survive in the changing era. This part comes from reasoning, asking and listening to issues from all parties. In order to decide what is best for customers.

The advent of digital marketing

Everyone agreed that all tools are important in digital marketing. Khun Platu is divided into advertisements that use the money to buy like Google AdWords, Google Search, website banners. And the other part is the Personal Recommendation section Reviews from real customers on Facebook, IG, Trip Advisor. In which these two parts must be balanced and the bloggers who are now doing as a business as well. Another important thing is to update the trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Khun Bum added that digital marketing requires a bit of time to do it and will know which tools are suitable for our business. Like the Baiyoke Hotel which focuses on mass customers, it mainly uses Facebook. But at Hua Chang Heritage, which focuses on luxury, mainly uses IG. Including reviews on Trip Advisor. Therefore, when there is an issue, it must be cleared with the customer to end it there. Do not allow customers to extend to social media because it will be difficult to solve

For Khun Neung's view, Digital Marketing is a tool for connecting between hotels and customers. Releasing the advertisement does not hope that customers will buy immediately. But creating awareness for customers to know that we are here. If there are comments, whether positive or negative, must be dealt with immediately. Otherwise, it might spread a big deal. And each digital media platform has different roles. Must try it for a while and then know which one works for us. As for S31, all platforms can be used to connect with customers.

In addition, all three commented that they should not use either platform alone. For a while should go back and try other platforms. Because trends change very quickly. Today, this platform works does not mean that it will work forever. Today's this platform doesn't work, maybe the next day will come back to work again. And even digital media can save you money and reach a lot of customers but the offline media itself is still not abandoned. Just reduce the amount and if there is an opportunity to get free PR offline, it shouldn't be left behind.

Change Game Fights the economy

In the condition that the baht appreciates at present have a broad impact on every business. Khun Platu commented that entrepreneurs must learn more, more intelligent and work harder. Find ways to reach out to more customers. Find techniques for experimenting with new media. Doing new promotions that are more distinct. Same as Khun Neung who thinks that even though there are still numbers of tourists but the spending per capita decreases. Entrepreneurs must therefore diligently find ways to reach more customers. Including having to spread the risk. The S31 chain of 6 hotels penetrates different customer groups according to the price level. For example, SBox, a small hotel in Soi Sukhumvit 31, cost 900 baht/night, becoming a hotel that makes a lot of money.

How necessary is the Hotel Chain?

In the hotel business world, hotel chain brands are one of the selling points. But for these 3 businessmen, it is not necessary to use the Hotel Chain brand always. Khun Platu pointed out the "people" issues that big hotel brands will send to manage the business. Who will be? Will people from big brands with thousands of affiliates love the hotels and manage them as if they were the owners? Which they cannot fight with us because we are proud that the hotel is ours. Which is a matter of passion that we have more than big brands. Customer reviews are even more outstanding than the big chain brands. And tourists don't want the experience of Hotel Chain that all are the same but want to have local experience.

As for the question, if the hotel chain brand is not used, will people be confident in the standards? Khun Bum views that the Hotel Chain brand was previously advantageous because customers believe in quality, service standards. Nowadays, customers can see real-life reviews on Social Media. The advantage of Hotel Chain here is gone. And the management by the owner is unique. Like we really welcome our guests Is a service from the heart not just following the guideline specified.

In terms of cost, Khun Nueng shared information that the use of Hotel Chain has commissioned from the outset. The wage of personnel coming in to take care of etc. The current marketing tools allow entrepreneurs to create their own brands. If the character of the hotel is clear our brand will stand out, attracting customers who want a local experience.


Is the Chinese tourist market still good?

Chinese tourists are a large group of markets for Thai hotels. For the s31 chain, there are two places that accept Chinese tourists. Khun Nueng views that the Chinese market has not disappeared anywhere. But if we are going to do the Chinese market, we must accept the character and the culture. There are 2 main groups of Chinese customers, which are Tour Groups from Chinese agents. And the group that comes to travel by oneself (F.I.T) will book through C-Trip (a large Chinese online booking)

For the Baiyoke Hotel Have a Chinese customer base from time immemorial. Baiyoke buffet, 4,000 people per day, about 3,000 people are Chinese tourists. Khun Bum spoke about the Chinese customer group as a group that rarely canceled the reservation. Regardless of what happens in the country Chinese customers are the least lost. If Chinese customers can be grouped and taken good care of, it will be a very worthwhile market.

Chinese customers staying in Sri Panwa are good customers. Khun Platu thinks the Chinese market is still growing. Because now, the proportion of Chinese who travel abroad is not large. In addition, Chinese people have more status and purchasing power every year. If the reputation standards can be maintained, will get many new Chinese tourists to come and stay.

Dream hotel concept

Because of the digital entry concept, Khun Nueng looks at the image of the hotel in the future that the hotel owner may not have to be the sole owner of the whole building. Each floor may be owned by a different person. And use A.I. technology for Check-in, check out, which is a dream hotel.

For Khun Bum, the dream hotel is a picture of a wide area with a lot of trees, a peaceful atmosphere but surrounded by all facilities such as BTS like Hua Chang Heritage on a larger scale.

Key Success in Work Life

The driving force of Khun Bum is to take care of the staff of Baiyoke Group like family members, have a good life and have a sense of belonging. Khun Bum gives importance to human management, team building, giving employees a sense of belonging together. Don't come just to work day by day.

In managing the S Hotel chain, Khun Nueng mentioned 4 principles which are 1) Each hotel character must be clear 2) Control the cost not to leak by using technology to help. 3) Take care of human resources. 4) Must update new business situations and trends all the time. Do not miss even one thing because if you miss the opportunity Before that opportunity will come again.

Ending with the opinion of Khun Platu, Key success is how to make the customer experience good. Normally, the tourists who come to visit they are ready to have fun and come to have a good experience already. So, coming back to the starting point is our Passion that will be communicated to the staff to deliver a good experience to customers. If an error occurs, then the staff are sincere in looking after and improving customers' experience will see and feel this passion. Providing good experiences to customers is, therefore, the heart of the Super Luxury Hotel, Sri panwa.