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SCB offers a shipping guarantee (S/G) in the event that the goods shipped by sea or air have already arrived at the destination, but the shipping documents are still in the process of delivery and expected to arrive late.
You may request SCB to issue a letter of guarantee so that you can receive the goods for production or sale without waiting for the original shipping documents. S/G, on the other hand, may only be issued under importation with a letter of credit (L/C) or bills for collection (B/C).
Once the shipping documents including the original B/L have arrived, SCB will provide you with these documents, including B/L, which you may exchange for S/G from the carrier or freight forwarder and return to SCB. 1
1 For air freight, the method differs from some maritime freight. Please refer to the illustration for issuing a letter of guarantee service for air freight.


Documents for goods clearance may be received within 30 minutes. 2
You can reach our professional assistance from any of SCB International Trade Service Centers located across the country.
2 For the submission of the request for SCB Shipping Guarantee and related documents correctly and completely within 5:00 p.m.


Maritime Freight
Air Freight


Agility of Business
Get your goods first in easy steps so that your business can keep manufacturing or selling products.
Saving Money
You can save on the expenses of warehousing at ports or airports.
Alerts by Auto
You will receive a trade transaction notification by email as soon as SCB has successfully issued S/G or D/O. Additionally, you will receive a trade outstanding report by email, which includes a list of issuing S/G or D/O based on the delivery cycle of your choice as well. 3
Reduce the time and effort required to prepare and file withholding taxes resulting from the fees of shipping guarantee. 4
Service at no cost! Simply contact a business relations manager or an SCB international trade service center near you to sign up for the 3 SCB Trade Transaction Notification 4 SCB Trade Withholding Tax Submission


Information required:
  • Letter of indemnity or delivery order
  • Commercial invoice
  • Bill of lading or air waybill
  • Trust receipt financing contract

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