Service Features

SCB provides you with information on import and export trade transactions via automated email immediately after SCB completes the process.
The email includes a pdf attachment which you can make forwarding to your partners much easier. This will allow you in running your business more efficiently and consistently.
Customers who apply for the service, will automatically receive an email when you complete the following transactions.
Import L/C and DL/C
  • L/C issuance
  • Import bills under L/C
  • T/R request
  • T/R monthly interest
  • Payment based on L/C or T/R
Inward Bills for Collection
  • Notify inward bills for collection.
Shipping Guarantee / Delivery Order Endorsement
  • Request for S/G or D/O issuance.
Export L/C and DL/C
  • L/C advising
  • Advice on outgoing export bills under L/C
  • Advice on document acceptance (L/C Term)
  • Receive payments and credit funds into the account.
Packing Credit
  • P/C request
  • P/C settlement
Outward Remittance
  • Transfer funds.
Inward Remittance
  • Receive MT103 from an overseas bank.
  • Credit funds into the account.


As soon as the SCB completes the trade transactions, you will be notified through email of each stage.
Documents and notifications (if any) will be emailed to you in pdf format, which not only saves you the time calling for status, but also saves the cost of receiving documents at SCB.


Instantly Alert
As soon as SCB completes the transaction, you will get automatic updates via email.
Boost Your Financial Efficiency
Allows you to effectively manage your company's cash flow by obtaining quick information.
Increase Business Efficiency
You can use this information to build your ongoing business such as planning for manufacturing, shipping, receiving items, preparing papers, etc.
Save Time and Money
Save time inquiring about information and waiting for a response from SCB, as well as reducing the cost of commuting to pick up documents at SCB.

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