6 techniques to lose weight during self-quarantine

During the period that must be kept awake for a while with work from home, many people feel that they are beginning to have more water, more flexible arms, and a belly sticking out a bit. Because he rarely moved only eat and sleep or sit and work at the desk all day and how to get the body back to fit and firm like before, but I recommend 6 techniques to lose weight during detention can look good even at home


  1   Eat lots of protein and vegetables

Have you ever noticed yourself? In 1 day, what type of food do we eat the most? Mostly it's rice, bread, drinks, desserts. Protein and vegetables tend to eat very little. This technique just revises our diet. By focusing on eating more protein and vegetables than before, such as in the morning eating 1 dish of rice with 1 side dish with fresh vegetable chili paste We just add 2 more boiled eggs for breakfast or 2 steamed chicken breasts to increase the protein intake for breakfast. The more protein you consume, the less hunger you get during the day. The question is, how much protein should you consume each day? To estimate the amount of eating easily in a day, should eat protein equal to 1 handful of us, or equivalent to 1 gram per kilogram of body weight. Or may use the method of observing that when eating a lot of protein in breakfast And can be full for a long time without hunger, it means that we eat enough protein This technique, people who like to eat meat would definitely like. As for vegetarians, don't be sad. Can do the same, just choose protein from whole grains like soy or egg instead

 2   Eat fewer carbohydrates

In this technique, people who like to eat flour and sugar may not be able to resist. Have to think about Right now, we're away from home, so we use less energy than before. If we still consume the same amount of carbohydrates. Of course, the energy that the body receives is more than necessary. Therefore, eating fewer carbohydrate foods during this period Will help to control our weight this method can consume carbohydrates but should reduce the amount to less than before, such as eating a normal amount of breakfast carbs. Lunch is reduced to half of breakfast. As for dinner, should choose only protein and vegetables.

3   After eating, often sip drinking water

For water-eating techniques, it is considered a simple technique. That can be done at home without hassle Because when working at the office or studying to go out to drink, then have to go to the Pantry room or water dispenser outside the room Causing most people to rarely eat water during the day Because the nature of drinking water will increase the rate of energy metabolism to help reduce weight. By drinking water, should not drink immediately after eating Because it will dilute the gastric juice in the stomach Resulting in poor digestion Should drink after eating for at least half an hour And should sip water continuously from 0.5 to 1 glass per hour until the next meal And the water to drink should be empty not syrup or coffee Which has a lot of sugar

4   Not hungry, not eating

This technique is suitable for hard-core cables. If looking optimistic when at home, there are few temptations It is considered a time to reduce obesity. Because normally our body, if having enough energy, will not show hunger. But most people are obese because they eat more food than necessary and eat because desire is not hunger in the late night, don't forget to plow the feed. Look at the restaurant reviews will not be able to resist

5   Sleep long

This technique is a dumb person to like it for sure. Only sleeping can make you slim? Quality sleep because of continuous sleep throughout the night. Will help to burn fat because if we sleep less than 4 hours a day the hormones needed to control fat and muscles will work less as well. While also helping to repair the worn-out organs Including balancing hormones, resulting in a healthy return Effective at work Therefore, during detention, do not rush to get out of the house and not return home late at night. Try to sleep early at 10 o'clock and then wake up without using an alarm clock. See if you feel refreshed when you wake up. If refreshing, our body can fully release growth hormones. The growth hormone helps the brain. Control the amount of fat and muscle Repairing tissues and bones within the body To the metabolic system, such as the work of insulin And blood sugar levels as well Oh, if you know that sleeping for a long time And good for health like this, will hurry to sleep quickly From tonight

6   Wake up early to exercise

Although some people say that they do not like exercise However if you want to lose weight, you can avoid exercising because simple dieting is to eat less than the energy you use and use the most energy each day, which is exercise. But in truth, exercise does not need to go to the gym, go to the gym, or park. Just walk fast inside the house. Cycling in the village or maybe doing housework is also considered exercise, such as sweeping the leaves, watering plants, gardening, washing the car, sweeping the house, and scrubbing the house. Just these activities Should do continuously for 15-20 minutes per day, it will be a simple exercise That benefits both the body the house is clean, tidy and also a good shape.

For all 6 tips suggested, there is no need to follow every technique which techniques can be done first, then try to do it If effective, then gradually try other techniques as well. Believe that if all 6 techniques can be completed although having to stay at home for a long time, we are able to control the weight to not increase more than before or can lose weight While still being healthy and strong and not too plump too



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