Fit and Firm, Middle-Aged, healthy, with money

Any age wants to be healthy and has money to spend. When stepping into middle age, people often experience health problems, deterioration of the body, metabolism malfunction, muscle is destroyed, thin bones or prunes, these all cause a lack of good quality of life. In addition, Thai people are more likely to have non-communicable diseases such as cancer, coronary artery disease, diabetes or respiratory diseases, etc. The "exercise" is the key to helping both physical and mental rehabilitation. No need to pay for medical treatment and help them save money in the pocket. Let's look at how to get fit and healthy in a way that is suitable for middle age.

Walking - 30 minutes a day

Is a simple exercise no equipment needed plus it’s safe. Can be done in your home or choose to walk in the development where the project has a common area which is well designed to create a quality of life for the residents will see the beautiful scenery while walking. Walking helps reduce osteoporosis and reduce the risk of various fat-related diseases. Can help the function of the lungs and heart as well.

Yoga - flexible, balancing the body

Yoga is quite safe because of the low impact force. Helps strengthen the body, maintain flexibility for the body. Yoga help stretching the muscles to come back and be active. It also helps control weight by improving the metabolism system. It also helps in meditation to calm the mind.

Dancing – Fun and help burning fat

Dance exercise helps burn fat, makes the body lean and firm, increase the heart rate, blood circulation and enjoyable. Dancing with a group of friends is even more fun and help enhance social skills. Can also establish good relationships with others.

Swimming - reduce impact, build bone mass

Swimming helps reduce injuries caused by exercise. Therefore, suitable for middle-aged people who the body can't get heavy impact and it also helps strengthen bones. Swimming for 3 to 5 times a week helps stay healthy and strengthen the mind and good mood. It also helps to relax the tension well.

Weight Training for fit and lean body

Even in middle age, weight training is very useful. Because of age, muscle mass decreases, making walking or sitting more difficult than when they were teenagers. If done regularly will cause muscle mass and bone mass increasing, results in a better quality of life. Plus, has a firm body like a teenager again.

No matter what age you are, exercise is the answer that helps to keep away from the disease. Or if illness occurs, you will recover quickly and do not have to spend a lot on the medical expenses. If you don't want to worry, have health insurance will also help with the problem of expenses as well. So, no matter who you are, good health begins with yourself.


Information from :  SansiriBlog