How to discard - wash the mask properly

The mask now is a rare item. If there is a shop where you must line up in order to be the owner Even if only a couple of pieces must do. But finally, if used for a while or with heavy use, which is in an infected area, for example in the hospital for more than 4-6 hours, should be discarded immediately. But the used mask is not blindly discarded because it may become a means of transmitting the infection to other people, therefore there is a way to dispose of used masks correctly according to the recommendations of the Department of Health. Ministry of Public Health together.

  1. Take off the mask Without touching the inside of the mask

  2. Fold the mask on the side that touches the face inside to prevent secretions from saliva and mucus spread.

  3. Roll on a webbing or ear strap Then wrapped around the mask

  4. Put in the bag and tie the bag tightly.

  5. Dumped in an infected waste bin or a trash can with a lid completely closed

  6. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Or alcohol gel After contacting with a used mask, every time


How to wash a cloth mask

Since face masks are a rare item currently, many people must use cloth masks. Although the efficiency of the cloth mask is less than other types of masks, the data from the Department of Health, The Ministry of Public Health states that people, in general, are physically fit, no illness can wear cloth masks instead of sanitary masks.

Wash the fabric mask properly

  1. Wash with baby laundry detergent or mild soap Or wash with disinfectant But should not be left to soak And avoid using stain removers or bleach

  2. Crush all over the piece.

  3. Rinse the water 2 times until it runs out of bubbles. And wring the water out

  4. Dry in a ventilated, draughty area, and avoid areas with direct sunlight.

  5. For those who want to iron the fabric mask after washing. Recommend ironing only one side on the outside No need to iron the inside or use ironing sheets instead.

During these crises, discipline and responsibility for both ourselves and society are important. Even small negligence can have a broader impact on society. Therefore, careful and correct practice is another way to help us get through this crisis together faster. Disease and illness are something that can always happen to anyone for peace of mind that we will have enough money to cope with the more expensive medical expenses every day. Health insurance is, therefore, a prudent way to deal with the uncertainty that may occur in the future.