The business is not stuck, convenient, safe, and not at risk for COVID. Financial transactions can be done anywhere and anytime

COVID is challenging the business. Many companies are struggling because of the poisonous virus that is invading us right now. Most organizations require employees to work at home. To prevent addiction and the spread of disease ... Then you, yourself, as a business owner or executive who must be rigged, will lead the business to survive in the turbulent trend of cattle. Why is the risk of going out to work at the office? Don't let a business stuck when you can still do business ANYWHERE.

All financial transactions of the business, whether it be transfers, payroll, employee salaries Or detailed financial reports can be viewed anywhere, anytime through internet banking services specifically for businesses that are assured of advanced security Complete with various functions that will enhance and create a new, better experience in financial transactions.

Internet Banking service that is both name and ability is suitable for the situation right now. That doing business and business transactions Finance can no longer be stuck in the framework. Open the world of financial transactions for businesses to be convenient, flexible, time-saving, and secure. With functions that meet the needs of businesses.


Visual data display to help make money matters as easy as possible. Immediately after logging in, the current financial overview graph of the company is displayed. It helps to see an overview that will help make business decisions easier and faster. Able to choose to drill down to view the report in a time period and can still view historical data for up to 13 months.


Just type in the desired keyword and click search. The system will be able to display a list of financial transactions related to that keyword immediately.
Makes searching for important information Simple one clicks No need to rely on secretaries or taking notes anymore.



Regardless of forgetting the code, requesting a new code, giving the employee the right to use the Revocation of rights, or browse the usage history of each eligible employee to prevent fraud. Everything can be done easily by oneself through the system directly. Don't have to go to the branch, do not need documents, no need to find complicated calls to the Call Center. Complete all easily in one place because we know how much your time is valuable.


Convenient and easy to use with all devices. Whether mobile phone Tablet or smartwatch the variety of equipment that you have. As well as being able to use many devices at the same time Whether you use IOS or Android, SCB BUSINESS ANYWHERE is available.


Display a complete and detailed financial transaction report. Whether the report of the check and cash deposit Including payment information Quickly by yourself quickly. When complete information Business decisions can be made anywhere, anytime.

All in one place, ready for you to use free of charge for both entrance and annual. And more benefits for you to transfer because every transferred item is free.

Businesses can run anywhere regardless of whether COVID or Crisis Cannot stop the business and financial transactions of the company. Don't let viruses surround your business. Let SCB BUSINESS ANYWHERE unlock and free your financial transactions. Complete with financial information reports that are easy to access anytime, anywhere, at your fingertips. Because information is the key to helping business decisions to be made prudently and quickly No matter where you are in this world.

Interested in applying for the service, you can study information at Or ask for more information at SCB Business Call Center, call 02 722 2222