Market: New markets, new opportunities for Thai SMEs


The changing world and technology are a challenge. But in the challenge of new technology new business models, modern consumer with unique, there are still business opportunities that are waiting for those who see the opportunity to think, dare to create a business always.
Coffee Talk EP # 2 opens new perspectives, new opportunities for Thai SMEs in 3 aspects: TECHLIFE by Dr. Thavicha Trakoolyingyong from Sansiri, Marketing with teenagers by Khun Theppawan Kaninvorapan from ZAPP and Provincial marketing by Khun Marut Choomkuntod from CLASS CAFÉ


New waters of creating value for the business by Dr.Thavicha Trakoolyingyong

How technology will create new opportunities? How to use technology to strengthen the organization? In this era, people who understand and use technology and people who understand but don't know how to apply technology are having a wider gap. And make the competition more and more apart. Applying technology to the business can be seen in 4 topics: 1. Experience 2. Product 3. Service 4. Business Model. Today, the focus is on 2 areas: Customer Experience and Business Model.

Customer Experience is the heart of doing business. This era goes beyond just I want it and I want it now. But sometimes we must push for customers too because many times the customers themselves are not sure what they want. We push to drive their needs and then buy products and services from us. This can use technology to do this When a customer buys a drill, he doesn't need a drill, but he needs a hole and must respond further to what the hole will be used for. The marketer must understand this because it will refer to the business model of what to do. How can we create a better customer experience with technology? Customer Experience covers 3 topics which are 1. Digital Touchpoints 2. Personalize 3. Seamless

Digital Touchpoints
are the point between customer interaction and us that don't need people. That has both pull and push styles. The first form, whether apps or websites, business owners must know what to have for can really be used again. The first benefit of an app or website is to collect data to understand customer behavior and needs for analysis. Another is Push, such as sending SMS or various notifications to ensure that customers are still with us. Digital Touchpoints. Interesting new formats that help create engagement, such as Google Lens apps. That helps customers access to product information easier, faster, just by taking a picture. Virtual reality helps in the navigation or that Sansiri uses to decorate the house and to place the furniture. Chatbot that works 24x7 and can become smarter. And the more used Kiosk Operators can collect data from customers interacting directly with the Kiosk. Lastly is the Robot Service. Using robots to service more, for example, Sansiri also has "Nong  San Dee" robots to help deliver the products to the residents.


Personalization is to meet the unique needs of each customer. Personalization must consider 3 issues which are 1. Specific content for each client 2. Time must be the right timing 3. Pay attention. Because Personalize has more details that need to be taken care of, must analyze data and try many times until it works. Must trial to a certain extent. It's not just collected once and is finished but must be done as a Journey.

is a challenge because consumers now have two worlds, online and offline. How to make the experience seamlessly connected. For example, customers have already registered online but when coming to the showroom, they still must fill out the form again, causing the experience of the customers is not continuous.

Business Model is divided into 2 types


1. Open Platforms such as Grab, Airbnb or Alibaba are platforms that analyze and match demand and supply. This means that there must be some resources left to be shared by the supply. Belongs to anyone because it is a matter of sharing. And the concept of subscription can use but not the owner and pay as much as you use.

2.Close Platform like Apple, Tesla. This format will do things themselves from upstream to downstream. There are a few partners like Apple, all done by themselves, from product manufacture, with their own operating system and sales management.

The idea that I would like to leave for a businessman is RE: Define Yourself. What if we were to undergo changes? Clearly define what our value is to create value for customers. What will play a big role is that AI and must think outside the box, propose new innovations and pay attention to details.

Defeat the teenage market battle with Experience
By Khun Theppawan Kaninvorapan 

Khun Bass Theppawan, The first person to hold a Zapp Charity Concert since the 3rd year of university. Started a business for the first time without knowledge then the concert was not successful. Because he mainly uses his own thoughts without thinking about the insight of the target group, teenagers. But from that day until today, entering the 7th year, over 600 stages of working. The turning point began with friends telling him to try to organize a party. By starting to find insight from the target group easily by asking a friend who drinks beer how much does it cost per night? When a friend tells me not more than 300-400 baht, then use this number to determine the selling price of the ticket at 299 baht. And do more public relations to attract by giving away unlimited beer. From the original plan target at 700 people, but 4 thousand people came until the location was not enough. When working more, learning more Insight. Knowing that many university students are singles. Therefore, organize a single party that is still present. Last time, over 15,000 people came. Searching for new business ideas must know what the target group wants at that time Using observation and analysis.

In making content, it can cover people who are 6 years old from us, 3 years older than us and 3 years younger than us. Because there are also methods of telling stories and have shared experience. But if it is another generation that is farther away, then we must find younger people to create content that this way of thinking gives us a framework and clear information.

The event must have many distinct points. The idea came from the customer's paint point they encountered. For example, Thailand is a tropical country. The air conditioner wasn't cool enough. Therefore, have ideas for sprinkling water like Songkran. Turned out that people like it because they felt refreshing. WATERZONIC will be held during the low season which is the rainy season. Because it is the time when other people do not organize the event Including wanting to draw tourists into this period. Which people are not afraid of the rain because the event is already wet. Everyone is ready to get wet, and with the concept of the event is strong, we are not afraid that people will not come. This must arise from previous studies on whether people want this or not which begins with understanding customers. If there is a clear focus, we will see the opportunity. For ZAPP, the focus is clearly teenagers. Therefore, resulting in new opportunities coming. Such as Garena World that own by Garena, the famous online gaming company. The company came in contact because they saw that Zapp is a company that has the expertise and a focus on teenagers.

With the question of whether 7-8 years have passed, have Thai teenagers changed a lot? In truth, chances are always there. We change ourselves. Change is our friend and we must learn new things all the time. Whatever the opportunity came, seize it. Before the thought that the northeastern-style singer is for old people. But when I saw it myself, it was found that the person who loves this is a teenager, factory girls. It is a mass-market and has to buy power. As soon as the concert was played, everyone put their mobile phones and live on Facebook. So, I saw that this was an opportunity. That why I started organizing a northeastern-style singer concert which was the thing that I don’t have any knowledge of. Therefore, he assigned the security officer in front of the office to be the project leader which is considered an opportunity for him. Must believe that he can do, must give him a chance first.Which brings something new that has never been seen before. The concert entitled "Luk-Isan" has a very hit strategy: "Do not sell ticket just add line and join for free" but there are still more than a thousand people buying tickets at the event.

So why confident that the ticket price for WATERZONIC is as high as three thousand baht? Teens will agree to buy because it is considered a relatively large amount for teenagers. The answer is that teenagers who like this type of international event will have purchasing power. And the price compared to the same work in other countries is considered cheaper. Combined with the expense of the event is very high Only the cost for the DJ is very high already a million baht. Therefore, cannot charge a lower price for a ticket.

The secret to managing a company that has teenagers is to think that we are teenagers.

Importantly must listen to them. Don't tell him what to do. Must change to ask the opinion about what to do in the project. Ask for his opinion first. When he raises his hand in response to the small things, he will become more confident. Being a teenager is looking for confidence and independence. We will get more enthusiasm for work and more good ideas from listening to him. Must forget that we are adults.

New battlefield, conquering the hearts of the provinces with technology by Khun Marut Choomkuntod

This is a fun time for a little person who wants to start something new. It's an era full of opportunities. Some people say that business is bad currently, but it is the period when ordinary people have strange opportunities to happen. There is a matter of disrupting big companies, adjusting in large numbers Many number one businesses are leaving number 2 and number 3 more and more. Now, number one is not afraid of number 2 but worried about the new wave coming from nowhere. For example, 7-Eleven is not afraid of FamilyMart but afraid of Lazada or LINEMAN. People order beer, order water, order rice, and don't buy themselves at the store.

Today, we are racing, driving a car then a big bike overtaking and then disappearing. Because Big Bike has no limitations. He entered the niche that we couldn't go to. This is a new world of competition. If we are a coffee shop, we will compete with number one that is a million times bigger than us. There is no chance. If we act like him all along, we will never be able to tell who we are. A business that cannot make a difference is very dangerous. The beginning of the first-CLASS Café branch in Korat. Instead of running to open in Bangkok Instead, choosing to expand to northeastern Thailand, Buriram, Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, is following the high-speed train route. Choose markets that people overlook. The Isan region has many people. Found that the markets that people don't care about create a huge opportunity. After opening the first branch in Korat Began to change the concept that instead of expanding branches to many cities, each branch to cover as much as possible throughout Thailand but rethink by opening many branches in one city. Try opening shops on the opposite of each other because studying that one side of the customer won't turn the car back on the other side and found that true. And this makes management easier Began try to open branches only 100 meters apart, found that it is possible because the customers are different target groups. The people eating in the mall and the street diner have different styles of life.

After opening 9 branches, try changing the concept of being a Startup. In which the Startup will grow in the S curve. Formerly, CLASS grew in Linear. I began to introduce the concept of co-working space because the coffee business alone wasn't interesting. Once the trend of co-working space with Startup came to understand more data. For example, in an hour, how many people are connected to the store's WIFI? Found that more people come online at the CLASS, so think about it. If you want customers to stay in the store for longer, what we can do? What do they want? and how to make them come to us early. Stay with us comfortably like home. This way of thinking leads to new business ideas. How to get customers to come and stay with us 5 days a week for 2-3 hours a day. Therefore, need to rethink how CLASS can get into his life. Such as tissue paper that women would keep in a bag and want CLASS to be with her throughout the day. Once I started using the improved tissue paper as the cotton spectroscopy, the same as the Harrods department store. We wanted people to hold and make the logo big and clear in order to be a brand that is in people's lives. And how to make it a very friendly shop. Staff must be humble. Do not cross the line to customers and not posing with customers. Everything is very delicate, for example, the temperature must be appropriate and must have privacy. The subject of user experience is very important and must have a clear identity. Changed the concept that a coffee shop must be a small coffee corner to a place larger than 1500 sqm. to 1 rai. Thinking how to make us to be more involved in people's daily lives? Began to see people sitting watching movies or come to wait for the ordered item even come to play the game.

The idea of ​​doing business is an open platform with partners, that is, do not have to do it all yourself. But allowing others who are experts in each matter to do everything is an open coffee platform. Working with other startups, for example, Seekster takes care of cleanliness. SKOOTAR delivers coffee in Bangkok. I moved into a platform that is full of opportunities for each expert to do each thing, creating a new ecosystem. Finding customer information does not begin with technology but starts with attention. Such as observing why there are no people sitting at some point. Then have the barista try to sit on every spot in the shop, to know why people sit where more or less. Technology is sometimes expensive and doesn't cause immediate sales. But the store decoration This furniture leads to immediate sales. So, just look here first. Therefore, data science is not very necessary but the barista that cares about business and pays attention to customers is worth paying. If anything, that starts with our own attention, no one can't be against us. But technology comes to help amplify things that we already care about to be easier when scale-up. If we have owners that are more attentive and detailed, we will be a business that others are afraid of.

The key to building a successful SME business in the Digital Disruption era can be summarized by the three speakers: "Real understanding of customers" by using information and attention to create the best experience and differentiate the business. In order to create a position and win the hearts of customers in the long run.