Saying Goodbye on no money day

In case one of your family members passes away whether father, mother, spouse or close relatives, your feeling is lost, weak and could not think of anything. It seems like everything has stopped. This is not true. Death is not the end. It is not only saying goodbye with a tear of the left behind and also law, society, and saying-goodbye-to-the-beloved-one ritual. A proper religious funeral regarding the death level is another thing that the living person must do while mourning. 

For a person who has never lost anyone, you will be confused about what you should do first; who to contact? What to do? There are many details in a funeral with a lot of budgets as following, 


  • Coffin cost
  • Body transportation cost
  • Body injection cost
  • Temple maintenance fee
  • Burning oil fee
  • Flowers, incense, candle, holly water fee
  • Monk cloth
  • Monk cloth fee  
  • Decoration cost
  • Fame cost
  • Preaching fee
  • Funeral chanting fee
  • Monk lunch fee
  • Rental fee
  • Scatter ashes fee
  • Miscellaneous cost

It costs over a hundred thousand Baht for each funeral these days which depends on how large the ceremony is, how many nights and monks for the chanting. However, at least a 3 days ceremony is required, and it costs around a hundred thousand. For some families, this is a large sum of money and they do not have that large cash. If you have never experienced this situation before you will not understand. While mourning but still need this urgent cash and do not know where to find it. This is a complicated sadness. Besides one-night chanting is not acceptable by society. It is disrespectful and ungrateful to the dead. This is difficult because most children want the funeral to be proper as a tradition or at least the society standard.

No money, what should we do? Despite the fact that nothing can wait, it needs to be right now and no one to rely on. Borrowing from anyone may result in a long-time rumor with owing feeling. In this difficult and limited time, SCB understands and will be your supporter along this mourning period. We know that you have many important things to manage. However, the last showing of love and gratitude without any worry about money is the best choice.  SCB personal loan will help you with the emergency cash and no need for a guaranteed person. After everything is finished and there is some money left, you can pay that back. If you are already  SCB customer, you can apply for a UP Loan via SCB EASY application.