“Sansiri” Everything begins with customers

“Sansiri”, everyone heard this name must think about a house, a townhome, or a condominium. It is not only an ordinary construction but also the place where the impression and happiness lie within. K.Srettha Thavisin, the president of Sansiri PCL, told us about the main concept of Sansiri which is based on customers lifestyle and taste. “Sansiri has started from the development of the expensive property business. To develop production, we need to see the actual expensive things. That is why our designers needed to go abroad and absorb the luxury feelings by staying at a 5-star hotel to see how the room and the reception is. What material do they use? Besides selling expensive properties, we need to understand the customer lifestyle whether where do they go shopping, what brand name they use, and what their lifestyle is. Designers must know these topics because it is the label of taste and to truly understand the consumers because everything starts from the customers.”

The only thing that customers want is “Worthy product”.

K. Srettha emphasizes that no matter which your target customer is, whether 3 million, 30 million or 300 million. Although their experiences may be different in detail, every customer wants the same thing which is "The worthy product" and apart from that, the after-sale service is also important and affects the customer experience. Sansiri also has a leasing agent service, resale and many extra services such as drone service, driverless cars which are a new technology.

Although new technology help increasing customer convenience and support the trendy lifestyle image, safety and social issues are concerned. For example, Food Drone Room delivery service which concerns resident privacy, Driverless Car which concerns safety and for a new condominium, additional storage space is needed because most people shops online and robot room delivery is another good idea, K.Srettha said.

Step up to this fast-new world

As a fast-changing world which brings many new things, Sansiri also invested in developing many new startups such as the Host maker which is the Airbnb and co-working space management leading agency, Monocle, the Lifestyle Trendsetter magazine, also 17 Standard hotels which are the accommodation for the new generation.

What is brand?

In my opinion as one of Thailand property management companies, K.Srettha told us about the brand meaning. “It means customer satisfaction which lets them engage or be one of the royalty customers. And how to go to that point, we need to preserve and deliver customers our best products and services. If you cannot deliver to the customer, it means there is a problem with your brand because the brand is product and service that we bring to customers”

Reference: The Beyond Experience seminar by Prachachart Newspaper & SCB