Refill station: Low waste lifestyle

Have you ever wondered whether home cleaning bottles like dishwashing liquid, floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners, etc. When you use it, where are these bottles gone? No doubt that various bottles, the enormous amount of homes from millions of households have become part of the waste that affects the environment around us. Would it be better if we could reduce the use of these bottles? This question is the source of "Refill station" clever business ideas. That is environmentally friendly.

“Refill station" business model selling liquid products used in daily life. The concept of Refill station is to allow customers to carry bottles or containers to choose products that have been selected and Eco-friendly

"Refill station" is found by 3 friends who are interested in the environment together, Ann, Supatcha Techachucherd, Pare, Papawee Pongtananon and Manmon, Chanin Srisuma. Before the Refill station, has a shop front that is part of the Better Moon café x Refill Station.

"Refill station" can draw the Communities about Zero waste to us. We are people who do not that serious ab zero waste that much, just reduce as much as possible. What makes it difficult to live either ourselves or others, we may not have done. We found many zero-waste people. Makes us want to call ourselves as a Low waste shop instead because there is a reasonable expectation of zero waste.

But Ann said that thing that happened is very positive because people who came to us have brought new knowledges. People who just started have chance to meet others. Even if still like to buy Sunsilk but had no idea to buy a bottle. There are not as good as vegan or organic, but they really want to help as much as they can help. "

Better Moon café x Refill Station does not provide all types of plastic services. Therefore, drinks and food, there is no plastic container in the store and the shop does not allow the plastic here. But the shop allows customers to borrow dishes to buy food outside to eat here. This concept is interesting because it creates awareness for the community that surrounds the store that when you see someone holding a white plate to buy food, the community will recognize that "these people do not use plastic."

Soon, Refill Station intends to have a partner to expand the concept and create a wider community.Because they believe that there are consumers who want to live a life like this.

"This year, I want to have a 5-6 partner that doesn't have to be a full theme. Many people contacted us, and we don't skimp on ideas. If anyone want to do, just do it. They can use another name, but some people want to be a Refill Station as well then can be remembered by people easily. Seeing R, people know that the bottle can be filled. No need to create new awareness.

We may help to find suppliers for them or they can find their own. Because the main problem of our business is logistics, it's not the one-way purchase that has been abandoned. We send the empty gallon back to them so that they can fill the liquid back. If we get the volume and has additional branch, from the order of 10 liters, we can order 50 liters. It will be cheaper."

Buying a bottle of shampoo can be bought anywhere, but 'ideas' or 'alternatives' aren't available anywhere. However, in the future, when the refill station has expanded all over the places. But certainly, Refill Station approach will become an interesting alternative, allowing people to try to buy this way.

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