Unemployed "unexpectedly" How to handle?

Most of the salary people are longing for freedom which still has financial freedom. But having to endure hard work, because we and the family still must eat. And we also have the unkempt debt that has been committed, whether necessary or unintentional We also want to guarantee the absolute financial stability.

But real life is not lavender fields When the bad day comes, the company has the policy to lay off and we turn to be the unemployed. How will we survive this situation?

First, take a deep breath. We didn't do anything wrong. So, don't waste time crying or complaining. Because there are many things that need to be handled.

Let's look at the calendar that we have been informed of the bad news before the termination date. Most will receive notification about 1 month in advance. Actually no one can set themselves in one month. But if we receive a sudden termination notice, such as a few days or the same day, then send a farewell kiss. Remember that in addition to that month's salary that the company must pay us normally. We must get an extra one-month salary for this surprise.

Then hurried back and check how many years have we been working at this company? By which employees are entitled to compensation, if the employer terminates the employment and the employee is not guilty as follows.

  • Employees who work for 120 consecutive days, but not one year, are entitled to compensation equal to the last salary for  30 days.
  • Employees who work for 1 year I, but less than 3 years, are entitled to compensation equal to the last salary for 90 days
  • Employees who work for 3 years it, but less than 6 years, are entitled to compensation equal to the last salary for 180 days
  • Employees who work for 6-year I, but less than 10 years, are entitled to compensation equal to the last salary for 240 days
  • Employees who have worked together for 10 years or more are eligible to receive compensation equal to the last salary for 300 days.

Information from the Ministry of Labor 2012

This one should be calculated first before going to check with the personnel department of the company or the employer. Whether they paid us completely according to the law or not. If a company is kind, they may pay for this additional sympathy. The compensation for this part is very important because it is the right that the employee will receive if having to leave the job without an offense. If the company denies paying, we can file a lawsuit with the labor court.

The next step for a salaryman with a provident fund. After we were dismissed, employers will stop paying contributions to us or equal to our fund is ended. In the matter of this provident fund, we have 3 options to manage this money.

  1. Leave membership (like closing a bank account). We will receive the full amount from the fund. Many people who work for a long time Reaching the big eyes with the money to be received. But do not forget that the money in this section must be taken to calculate the tax of that year as well. Because it is considered our income. But the solution that will help to avoid having to pay too much tax burden is to divide some of the money to buy a fund or life insurance that is tax-deductible.
  2. Keep this money to wait for the age of 55 years or to wait to transfer money to a new employer. In the case that we think we should find a new job in no time. This will be a fixed fee of 500 baht per year, but there are advantages that we do not have to bear the tax burden. The age of the members remains constant. And funds in the fund are still being invested continuously.
  3. The last option is not bad. That is to transfer the provident fund to invest continuously in the Retirement Mutual Fund (PVD for RMF). The advantage of this method is that we do not have to bear the tax burden. The key is not having to invest more continuously like a typical RMF. You can leave all money there. But when it is a type of RMF, we must hold until 55 years of age to have the right to withdraw.

The recommended option is to quickly decide and inform the HR or employer early. Otherwise, he may proceed to resign from the members for us to go.

After managed that 2 sums of money, then came to see that the social security that we had paid each month In this tough situation how will it help us?

The criteria that will allow us to be entitled to compensation from social security in the case of unemployment are, we must pay contributions for at least 6 months within the period of 15 months before unemployment. And must be in unemployment for 8 days or more. This one, if we can't find a new job soon, we will be entitled to receive compensation. But if there is continuous work immediately after unemployment, we will not receive compensation in this respect.

And then hurried to register the unemployment with the office of the employment office via the internet at https://empui.doe.go.th/auth/index within 30 days from the contract termination date. This will allow us to benefit from unemployment compensation by which they will count form the 8th day of unemployment.

When the registration is complete, print the document which is the Application form for unemployment compensation or SSO 2-01 / 7 issued. Then go straight to the Social Security Office. (Any district office) can view details of social security offices in various areas at https://www.sso.go.th/ or inquire about every problem from the Ministry of Labor hotline at 1506

When choosing an area where we can apply for unemployment benefits There are documents that need to be taken as follows:

  • Application form for unemployment compensation or SSO 2-01 / 7 that is printed when registering for unemployment on the website (Very important, must hold next Do not go looking for a sword.)
  • Certificate of unemployment or SSO 6-09, this can also be printed when registering as well. But if you forget to type, you can request it at the Social Security Office.
  • Termination letter (Do not forget to ask from the HR department or the employer before leaving the job. No, it's okay. But if it is, it will be a great proof that we are not willing to be unemployed)
  • A copy of the bank passbook, saving type, which clearly shows the name and account number of the insured person

* Information from the Social Security Office

After we submit the completed documents, there will be an appointment letter to report once a month for a total of 6 times (once a month6 months’ time). Which can be reported 7 days before the appointment date and after 7 days of appointment

If we are terminated Social security will compensate up to 6 months at the rate of 50 percent of the latest month's wage with a salary base of up to 15,000 baht. For example, we receive 10,000 salaries. We will receive a compensation of 5,000 baht per month, but if the salary from 15,000 baht or more will receive 7,500 baht per month, etc.

In the meantime, we will be able to continue to find work at ease. But don't chill too much until the money has been exhausted. Divided into parts that need to be used and divided into some savings. Considered a good opportunity to get a lump sum or to save. But it is not recommended to pour it into clear off debt or invest it all up That is too dangerous. This work is rare, and it may take longer than expected. Therefore, must think before using it well.(https://www.facebook.com/ssofanpage)

Change habits to come back to make an income-expense account from the first day that unemployment (really should be done every day is very good), taking care of your health care, travel, take a break, etc. to fully charge energy before going ahead with a new job. Now, the salaryman who suddenly unexpectedly unemployed is ready to run in the lavender field again.