Workcation, the ultimate lifestyle in the digital era

When work comes with vacation and working together has become the ultimate lifestyle of digital people. who can work from anywhere without rushing to leave the house, run through the traffic to enter the office at 8 am and finish work at 5pm. Workcation is a work trend that comes with relaxation that many people dream of. Especially in the era of the covid epidemic, it also proves that working from home is not a barrier to working remotely at all. Workcation is to give people the freedom to work out of the old framework. It makes you feel relaxed and helps to bring out your work potential as well as to stimulate ideas and increase productivity. Although Workcation is not new, not everyone can choose to have a very fulfilling lifestyle.


Who is suitable for Workcation?

Of course, not every job position will choose Workcation. Some positions also require you to be in the office to interact or perform certain activities or to interact with outsiders that sometimes cannot be done online. People who are suitable for working in the Workcation will be the work that has an individual work style. It doesn't have to involve anyone to work towards a goal, or you can meet online if you need to connect with other people without the need for face-to-face meetings.

In addition, Workcation is suitable for people with discipline, responsible for work and able to set work schedule appropriately. Because working on vacation can cause someone who is not very disciplined to work, unable to deliver work on time. On the other hand, if you are a workaholic, working like a workcation can put you in burnout syndrome. Because they do not know how to rest or work without breaks, they lack Work-Life Balance. The quality of life is worse than working in the office, which can clearly distinguish between work time and rest time. In addition, the relationship within the family. If taking the family to a workcation and still need to carry a laptop, it may turn out that you're just changing your work environment and are stuck at your laptop screen or just stay in a hotel without any interaction with the family. So, don't take your family with you unless your family understands how this works. Because, in fact, Workcation is finding a new place to work. did not come out to relax in any way.

Revealing life management techniques when Workcation

  • Set a work schedule and make a to-do list each day to guide you on what you have to do to do today and what time is it and when must it be finished. to be able to deliver the work on time and will manage life in balance without being too stressed

  • Schedule breaks each day to get your body moving. Take a break from the screen and don't cause office syndrome. By making a regular schedule to avoid accidentally working overtime, resulting in a power outage in the work and reduced efficiency.

  • Periodically update work progress with supervisors. Updating job progress lets supervisors know that you can take on the responsibility of your part without defects. including knowing where the work in each step has gone

  • Stay up-to-date and keep in touch with colleagues, for example exchanging ideas. Share problems that arise to recognize problems between each other so that they can help each other and will be able to plan work in accordance with the same direction

Which city is suitable for workcation?

UK-based, a popular vacation booking site, has ranked the 150 Best Cities for a Workcation for 2021 (The Best Cities for a Workcation 2021). It appears that Bangkok has been ranked as the most suitable city for work and leisure in 2021. From the selection criteria such as Wi-Fi signal speed, monthly rent, interesting activities, after-work drink prices, etc. Bangkok, Thailand, can rank No. 1 because of its diverse cultural mix. There are attractions that are known in the world. including street food that is famous for its deliciousness and variety. Including the cost of living that is cheaper than many cities. In addition, Thai people's habits are still attractive. For cities that were ranked 2nd, New Delhi, India, 3rd place, Lisbon, Portugal, 4th place, Barcelona, ​​Spain, 5th place, Budapest. Hungary and Buenos Aires Argentina, 7th place, Mumbai, India, 8th place, Istanbul, Turkey, 9th place, Bucharest Romania and 10th place, Phuket, Thailand

The workcation method has both advantages and disadvantages. But above all, if you know how to manage time between work and rest in a balanced way. You can work from anywhere in the world that is no longer limited in distance. Interested in booking accommodation to change the atmosphere to work in a Workcation style with SCB credit card? Find out which credit card details are right for you. -Here-


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