What to do if you are boarding a plane in the age of coronavirus

As some airlines have started their domestic flight again since May 1st, 2020, the airlines impose new rules and regulations to ensure passengers’ safety. What are those rules and regulations when flying during the COVID-19 pandemic? 


At the airport

  • Use online check-in, mobile application, or kiosk to avoid contacting ground staff and other passengers during check-in. Window seats could help reduce the chance of exposure to other passengers.

  • Always wear a face mask. Prepare a hand sanitizer with a volume of less than 100 ml.

  • One personal item or laptop bag with a weight not exceeding 5 kg can be brought onboard.

  • Avoid using the airport trolley if possible. Otherwise, apply the hand sanitizer right after touching the trolley.  

Prior boarding

  • Always wear a face mask.

  • Avoid touching high-risk items, for example, doorknob, toilet door, escalator handrail, chair, and luggage container at X-ray area

  • Wash your hands or apply hand sanitizer after touching any surface.

  • Wear rubber gloves if possible, to prevent touching your face which is the high-risk area for infection.

  • Maintain social distancing while waiting at the gate. Avoid crowded areas.

  • Having meals prior to boarding as the airlines are not serving meals. 

  • When on the shuttle bus, stand at the marked location to maintain social distancing.

  • A temperature check is required for all passengers. If the temperature exceeds 37.5 C, coughing, sneezing, or potentially being a COVID-19 infectious, the passenger will be rejected to board.

While on the plane

  • Always wear a face mask.

  • Open the overhead nozzle to allow ventilation. If you feel chilly, try adjusting the nozzle to other directions.

  • Avoid touching surfaces that are shared with other passengers, for example, handrail, seat, armrest, seat belt, and overhead compartment. Otherwise, apply hand sanitizer aftertouch.

  • Passengers shall be assigned to every other seat.

  • No food or drinks are allowed.

  • The airlines have their cleaning and disinfecting procedure daily with cleaning spray.

All passengers need to follow the new standard. If feeling sick or experiencing fever, the trip should be postponed as the airlines strictly impose the temperature measurement to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to promote passengers’ confidence.