Swimply, the new app with the idea of renting a private pool by the hour

Most people are probably familiar with or even host or use Airbnb to rent accommodation when traveling abroad. But now there's a new business that's similar in idea to Airbnb, but scaled down to renting private pools on the hour from homeowners with pools directly through a new app called Swimply. Swimply comes from the word Swimming + Simple. Let's get to know this new service better and how it came about. What is the concept of management and service?

Swimply is an online marketplace for renting a private swimming pool as a form of staycation. Home owners with a swimming pool can offer their pool for hourly rentals to individuals or groups to enjoy. Reservations can be made via the Swimply mobile app for Android or iPhone, or on their website, swimply.com. Communication, selection of amenities, and payment are all handled through the Swimply platform. Hosts in the United States are covered by a $1,000,000 insurance policy.Swimply currently operates in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Swimming pool reservations are also very easy through the Swimply app, available on both iOS and Android, or through swimply.com. Can chat and inquire with the owner of the pool. Make payments through the application or website. You can now enjoy swimming in your private pool. As of 2021 Swimply provides a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy and $10,000 of property protection for Hosts inside the United States.[2] Swimply requires pool owners to have their pools inspected for health and safety including inspection of tiles and chlorine levels


Bunim Laskin came up with the idea in New York at the age of 20 after noticing a neighbor's pool which was rarely in use. He rented their pool in exchange for assistance paying for the pool's upkeep.He then realized that he might have a scalable business plan and began finding other neighbor's pools using Google Earth's satellite photos. Launching as Swimply (swimming+Simple), he soon had over 30 pools listed, 400 reservations and was featured on MSNBC. By the end of the year he dropped out of college to pursue the business full-time. In November 2019, Swimply expanded to Australia.

Laskin appeared on a March 13, 2020, episode of Shark Tank pitching an investment opportunity in his company. Laskin received $30,000 from family and friends, followed by $1,200,000 in an initial seed round.[8][9] Another round of funding fell through due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the company did see a 4000% increase in revenue[10] during 2020. In 2021, Swimply closed a $10 million Series A round 2021 lead by Norwest Venture Partners.The round was followed by Trust Ventures and other notable angels, including Poshmark CEO Manish Chandra and Ancestry.com CEO Debora Liu.

Swimply follows a similar model to Airbnb, receiving a 15% commission from the rental price and an additional 10% fee charged to the guests. Hourly rentals are in the range of $20 to $150 an hour.

As for how to use the app or website, similar to Airbnb, customers can specify the city where the pool is located, the date, and the time period and number of hours they want to spend. Search results will come out showing pictures of swimming pools in that city. to choose from with an hourly price and descriptions including facilities and requirements designated by the host. Renters can rent swimming pools in luxury homes in Beverly Hills or in Hollywood for as little as $60 per hour. They can have fun with family or friends and take photos with the pool in their luxury homes. You can post pictures on Social Media. Before deciding to rent, you can chat directly with the host.

For those who have a pool that they want to rent, they can list their own pool with Swimply easily through their website. Swimply is also now expanding its services to rentals. movie editing studio Basketball court, home studio as well. Who knows in the future Swimply may expand to serve Thailand. You can see that it's just changing your perspective, be observant and turn it into a business opportunity. By offering innovative services and meeting the needs of consumers, it can now be a very lucrative business. For those who have business ideas but still lack funds, SCB SME offers business loans. You can learn more at https://www.scb.co.th/th/sme-banking.html#business-loans