Snake enter the house, prevention methods and practices

Snake. A snake entered the house. Help! What should I do? The story of an uninvited guest that many people have experienced themselves or often read in the news. Despite emerging from the toilet Falling down from under the roof Hide in air conditioning curl up in the shoes or the shrubs in the house. In addition to causing fright still causing the person to be frightened to encounter terrible helplessness. Stop being scared and get composure first. Today we have a way to prevent snakes from entering the house. Along with the practices, if unfortunately, the guest who is not invited enters the house, what to handle.

How to prevent snakes from entering the home

1.Acrid oil, strong odor: Because snakes are creatures that do not like strong smells, so if you see snakes hanging around in the house, try to smell strong oils, such as engine oil, kerosene, turpentine, or car oil to the area around the house to help chase the snake away. 

2.Gravel or small stones: If sprinkled around the house Will cause the snake to hinder the slither Because when encountered with pebbles, causing difficulty to glide the snake will eventually change his mind to another place.

3.Pets: the snake is a frightened animal If we have pets such as dogs that tend to not stay still if foreign objects come close, Therefore if the snake starts to crawl near the house, the dog will bark. Terrified the snake and fled himself

4.Sulfur: Believe that the pungent smell of sulfur will cause the snake to avoid the other way Mix sulfur powder with water and stir well. From then can be poured around the house immediately around the edge of the fence. Drainage channels of the house or overgrown grassy areas around the house Will cause the snake to creep in the other direction.


5. Mesh: The installation of a net around the area is expected to be the snake's path to enter the house. Will help trap the snake in another way. Which the mesh that was installed Should choose with eyes close Allowing the snake to not pass through. Or use a fish trap the snake will be attached to the net. Can't crawl into the house

6. Eliminate snake food sources: 
The nature of snakes tends to eat rats, frogs, geckos if our homes allow a lot of these animals. Equal to our home is a good source of snake food. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly clean the house. And destroying the animal breeding grounds for snakes Cutting the food source of snakes.

7. Eliminate snake habitat:
 destroying sources that are expected to enter the nest or shelter, such as grasses, shrubs, overgrown stump. Let you manage to cut or destroy all. The hollow under the house is also a habitat that snakes like to go in as well. Sometimes there will be spawning, with holes or holes in the field or the fence to fill it all up. In order to allow the snake to go in the water, drain allows you to put a sieve in order not to allow the snake to use it as a path into the house

8. Use a snake protection sheet: 
We can buy snake protection sheets on the website. Or a supermarket. The snake protection sheet is often used to protect the snake. Or reptiles up on electric poles When the snake crawled up to find the snake plate Will become slippery, unable to continue and fall by itself

9. Use Snake Repellent: 
 There are now many types of snake repellent products. There are many brands, both powder, and liquid. Can also be bought and tried

10. Bergamot: Cut the kaffir lime in half. Then place it on the corner of the house, fence corner or hidden spot, such as under the tiles laid under the basement, stairs near the sewer, marble table outside the house, etc. In which these snakes tend to hide in When the snake found the smell and the acidity of bergamot Would not want to come near Alternatively, find a kaffir lime tree to plant around the house as a pearl of folk wisdom. Also, get kaffir lime for cooking


What should we do if a snake enters the house?

If a snake has entered the house, the first thing to do is to stay calm. And perform the following steps

  • Observe snake types:  try to observe carefully What kind of snake is crawling into the house? Common venomous snakes such as the Cobra spreading from the hood, triangular snake, triangular body snakes, and rattlesnake have short puffed cheeks with fine scales.

  • Stay still, move slowly:  Snakes will be shocked if there is rapid movement or someone is chasing. Therefore, stand still or slowly move backward, keeping an eye on the snake's movement as well. Importantly, it must be kept safe from being snatched.

  • Do not chase or hurt:  If you are not confident that it is a poisonous snake or not. Do not chase or hurt the snake by yourself. The snake may be shocked to escape, hiding in a corner, causing it to not be found. Or may jump into the snatch immediately. It is also believed that the blood smell and some substances in the snake. Will make the snake clans come in to reinforce the army as well Therefore it is better not to hit the snake.


  • Call the rescue team: when you see a snake crawling in the house Keep an eye on the snake and call 199 to let the rescue team come in to catch the snake. In which he has the equipment and expertise to catch snakes and unwanted animals That came into our house.

However, even if we find a way to prevent by various methods Cleaning the house from messy as recommended above well. But unexpected things can always happen. If unfortunate is a poisonous snake that came into our home and then snatched us up, they we must pay the doctor. If we have accident insurance, it will help with medical expenses and compensation. Therefore, keep the house clean and tidy, and prevent using the methods mentioned above, including accident insurance for peace of mind. We also relieved some worry about the snake entering the house.