Who's who and what they do on the house construction team

When do we want to build a house that must design architects or architects and engineers? Why do some people hire architects? Why do some people hire engineers? Some people must hire both or some hiring interior designers. Architect designs a house and an engineering design for the house too. So, what are the different roles of both parties? Many people may have heard of these ambiguous issues. Let's see what each profession does in the house.

Design and construction of houses or other types of buildings. It's the collaboration of many professions. Which will be used depending on the size and the details of the homeowner’s needs. Because each homeowner naturally has different expectations with their home.

There are 2 main professions involved in designing, building houses, namely architects and engineers. But in these 2 professions, there are branches divided according to the scope of expertise and the program of study. Work in different parts which is assembled to be the dream house of the owner of the house according to the details of the work that is different.

1. The architect is the person who designs the house in terms of beauty. To have space and useful according to the needs of the homeowner. Think about the weather, the environment of that house by coordinating with other professions that are related to house construction. The architect's work also includes construction requests and liaise with relevant government agencies, give advice to homeowners in various steps of house building, inspecting the construction work according to the design. The scope of work will vary depending on the agreement with the landlord.

2. Interior architect, Interior designer Interior architect or interior designer is responsible for designing the interior of the house such as choosing furniture, built-in kitchen sets, lamps, sanitary ware, give advice on various decorations. Interior work is considered as important work as the house design. Because the interior work is the closest thing to the homeowner and is a high-value job. Therefore, tend to be employed in the construction of houses with a high budget only.

3. The landscape architect is a designer who has expertise in gardening. And have knowledge about trees. For houses with large external areas that need quality garden work around the house, they should use landscape architect services, who are directly studying landscape architecture. This work will be better to hire a specialist than general architects. But just like in the interior design, the small house in general, may not hire a landscape architect

4. The structural engineer is the engineer responsible for designing a strong structure and can be built as the architect designed. For example, if an architect designs a 20 x 20 cm house pillars, structural engineers will design steel reinforcement within the posts to be strong enough. Or if calculating and find that need the larger pillars must coordinate with the architect to change the pole size. Which will affect the size of different areas within the home. Structural engineering is considered a branch of civil engineer which covers civil engineering including engineering supervising building construction, control other types of construction, such as bridges, roads, dams. Sometimes structural engineers are called civil engineers.

5. The electrical enginee r is responsible for designing electrical systems, including ensuring enough power for home appliances, lighting systems, and emergency power systems, lightning protection systems, telephone systems, closed-circuit television, automatic control system, solar electricity generation system. According to the needs of the house that is designed

6. The mechanical engineer is responsible for designing air conditioning systems, ventilation, firefighting systems, elevators, escalators. Today there are many modern facilities that can be used in the home. Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing and organizing various mechanical systems in the home to be compatible with that device. Or even advise the homeowner to select these devices from various vendors.

7. The Environmental Engineer is responsible for designing the plumbing system, wastewater drainage, and rainwater drainage systems, water systems, fire suppression systems, and environmental systems.

However, for house designs, the scope of work of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and sanitation engineers may have overlaps or can be substituted especially if it's a small house. In general, the hiring of house design is usually with an architect. The architects, who are leading the house design team, will provide engineers in various fields to help with the work.

When knowing what each profession is doing in designing and building the houses, another thing that homeowners should know is the various sectors involved in the construction of houses. Each part must consist of personnel from different branches. From the architecture and engineering professions with a small number depending on the suitability of each house.

1. The designer is the team that worked on the design from the start. Gather things that the homeowner wants to present various house styles for homeowners to choose from. And drafting it out as a construction plan That can be brought to the contractor to quote the construction price. And during construction, It also has the duty to inspect the construction work to be in accordance with the design. Which the scope of responsibilities of the designer at various stages according to the agreement with the owner of the house that is hired.

2. The contractor has the duty to complete the construction according to the plan. The scope of responsibility is according to the agreement with the landlord. Most contractors do not have deep knowledge in architecture or engineering. Therefore, it is necessary to have an architect to be the main supervisor in general. And there are engineers to help calculate the various structures unless you find a contractor who directly graduates on architecture, the owner of the house is also considered lucky.

3. The construction manager is the team that is overseeing the work at the construction site. Is responsible for inspecting and supervising the construction to be in accordance with the drawings, correct according to construction principles and safety standards. Construction control is important because there are many important things that cannot be verified in the final state. Such as reinforcing steel placement before concrete pouring or curing concrete) to the correct time. Besides the construction supervisor may also be responsible for checking the money withdrawal from the contractor to be in accordance with the progress. depending on the agreement with the owner of the house which is the employer.

Then creating a beautiful dream home that also strong and stable. It is necessary to have personnel with knowledge and expertise to work together. Because the house is a property that is a big investment in life. Selection of qualified architects and engineers that understand the needs of homeowners and communicate smoothly, therefore should not be overlooked.