Finance has a problem. It's time for "home" to help make money.

"Home" is an asset that must be traded with hard working. But this house Is a good helper who is always on your side when you have a hard time. The house that we invest in physically and mentally will turn into a "lump sum" to help you ease the financial burden as well. Where you still have a house to live no need to sell a house to anyone to use money. Of course, what we're talking about is that Is a form of a loan that many people may already be familiar with "My Home My Cash or money exchange house "

How can a house change into money?

This type of loan is bringing the house or land that is free from debt as collateral to the bank. The bank will evaluate the price of the house or property that is used as collateral for the loan. How much will approve the maximum loan amount depends on the house appraisal price, the borrower's income and ability to pay debts, etc. For real estate that is used as collateral for a loan, such as single-detached houses, townhouses, condos, commercial buildings, condominiums, or even vacant land, they can also apply for a request.

Selling points of My Home My Cash ... are right here

Heard the word "debt", many people turned away, but "My Home My Cash or credits that bring the house to exchange money "is creating a different debt and has many highlights that people like:

  • High limit, long installment period: Other types of loans may have conditions that are unable to offer a loan as high as this type of loan. The loan can reach ten million Depending on the appraisal value of the collateral. Which the bank has the right to approve up to 95% of the appraisal value in addition, the borrower can plan long-term payments comfortably.

  • Lower interest rates than other forms of loans: We can bring this money to create benefits that are worth more than the interest on the loan. Or if bringing this sum of money to close the same debt from other places with higher interest, such as informal debt or credit card debt. It is another option called "reasonable" with debt. Because it helps us to reduce the cost of interest that must be lost as well.

  • Able to add co-borrowers: Can have co-borrowers then can increase the limit by bringing the income of co-borrowers to consider. Unlike a personal loan that is only considered that person.

  • This money can be used to do anything: You are free to manage money fully. Regardless of whether to repair or renovate the house, pay off the original debt that must pay high interest, as a lump sum for emergency expenses, spend a large sum of money on education or even use for your dream of doing business.

Who is suitable for this type of loan?

  • Those who already have houses or real estate that have already been paid out or known as debt free.

  • Need a high credit loan but not much monthly installments, but a long-term loan.

  • Want to save interest that must be wasted by choosing to apply for a My Home My Cash (Exchange house) with low interest rates to pay off other debts at a higher interest rate.

  • It has been planned that this money must be used. Because the consideration process may take more time than general personal loans such as cash cards

Who likes the idea that this type of loan answers your financial needs, can read more details about My Home My Cash from SCB and see the documents that need to be used for loan application at the website