Experience the Samurai Spirit through MUJI Home Interior

Home interior trends that have gained popularity years ago comprise Chic Loft style, Luxurious Vintage Style, Elegant Modern Style, Functional Minimalist Style, and MUJI style which is in high demand. What is MUJI? And how to design a house interior to reach MUJI spirits?

What is MUJI Style?

MUJI style is a simple home interior inspired by Japanese life philosophy focusing on living happily in the moment to make the most of every day. MUJI home is to live in a minimal sense and in the harmony of nature by using a light tone. MUJI features a wide range of furniture in simple and practical designs made of wood components, to create the feeling of warmth, comfort, and a relaxing atmosphere.

MUJI Home Decoration Style

1. White, Natural, or Light Paints of Walls

MUJI house normally paints in one color or light shade to be easy on the eyes such as white, light yellow, natural wood, earth tone. Only one color is used for the whole house including furniture, floor, wall, to uplift the mood in your home with coziness and pleasure.

2. Wooden Furniture Decorations

Furniture used for MUJI style is plain with no pattern. Rounded edges and rounded legs help evoke warm and smooth feelings. Natural wooden texture creates a sense of the natural world indoors.

3. Simple and Practical

MUJI interior style occupies most of the space for optimal use. Folding furniture or adjustable functions leaves empty spaces and improves ventilation. There’s no emphasis on partition design so every part of the house is connected and becomes a big room. That room is not opaque and adaptable to multifunctional purposes.

4. Well-organized for Easy on the Eyes

To achieve the MUJI style, you need to minimize and organize your stuff by keeping your belongings in shelves, cabinets, and storage. Your house will be pleasant to look at when everything is in place.


5. Increase the Light to Your House

As MUJI style enjoys a warm atmosphere, you should add light to your house by installing light bulbs in several areas to brighten the whole house and illuminate wooden furniture.

6. Freshen Your House with Trees

The tree is an essential component of MUJI house. A space should be given for placing small pots of Cactus, Bonsai, or pot plants, to relax and ease your eye strain. No worries if you can’t manage time to take care of indoor plants as you can create the natural environment by decorating with artificial flowers and trees.

7. Decorate Your House with Stripes and Checkered Style

If you’re afraid that the MUJI interior is too simple, you can add stripes and checkered patterns in your interior design; for example, choosing checkered bathroom tiles for a playful mood, or decorating kitchen walls with wooden or stripe wallpaper to create a more Japanese tone. 

8. Use Sliding Door with Wooden Frame

MUJI style avoids using the aluminum frame for sliding doors but a wooden frame with checkered edges and uses frosted glass to imitate Japanese Shoji (sliding door) to promote MUJI touch and feel experience.

The heart of MUJI home interior is to be simple and orderly with minimal furniture surrounded by light and open space and adding tree decorations to keep your house naturally warm. If you’re interested in MUJI home interior but need a sum of money, we introduce you to SCB Speedy Loan. Please see details at  https://www.scb.co.th/th/personal-banking/loans/personal-loans/speedy-loan.html


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