How to work from home effectively

Salary workers who must work at home (Work from Home) during the Social Distancing probably must adapt to many things in order to continue their work-life uninterrupted, such as

  • Learning technology that must be used in work such as online meeting, event planning, data collection, placing ideas, sending documents, sending work Or even Screen Sharing
  • Modifying the space in the house to have a Work from Home corner calmly, prepare equipment, tables, chairs that allow us to work in a way that is not causing an office syndrome.
  • Changing life schedules simultaneously And taking care of food
  • Taking care of people in the house such as working parents with small children that need to be supervised during the semester while working or caring for the elderly in the house

After working from home for a while, they probably learned that Working at home, it has both advantages such as protection against COVID-19, reduce the burden of travel expenses, have more time, allowing to share good moments with people at home, etc. As for the disadvantages, it is mixed with some. And most importantly, working at home is no different from work at the office

If we want our work from home to be more effective, what to do? Let's see


1. Adjust working attitude

For supervisors Have to trust the followers That can work as assigned. For some functions that may have less work, may try to assign to the team. Responsible for the new work or can plan for better work development

For followers Must understand that working from home is not Holiday. Must plan clearly as if going to work and ready to be on call all the time according to the work hours of each company Not taking time to rest

2. Have discipline in working

Must act like going to work every day, get up early, take a shower, dress up, eat well before the start of the work. Which will help us stay alert. Do not get up to work in pajamas. Or have not taken a shower or brush your teeth because it will make us feel lazy and reduce work efficiency

3. Prepare work areas

There should be a space specially designed for work such as preparing a table. Office chair Including necessary equipment such as notebooks, power sockets, notebooks, pens, etc. to be ready. And set the table neatly will help to inspire you to work better Importantly, do not sit and work on the sofa or on the bed for a long time because it may make you not ready to work and may have back pain.

Important to check whether the WIFI signal is enough to work or not. Because it may require the internet all day. May try to check to upgrade the speed with the Internet Provider more (during this time there are special promotions for customers in special cases)

4. Clear with people in the family to understand

Working from home for salaried workers who have to go to work every day in this era is new. Therefore, it must be clear to people at home to understand that we must be ready to work throughout office time. Therefore, during the day, they may have to ask for personal space to work. In order to fully focus on the job. For parents with small children, if there is someone to take care of the child during the day should have that person to take care of the kids mainly. But if nobody helps may have to talk to the team to understand and allocate working time and time to take care of children clearly.

5. Set the plan clearly

We should have a to-do list and allocate the importance of work each day. There is anything that needs to be done first. Such as urgent jobs, important jobs, or outstanding work that must be followed by anyone. If having a meeting, be prepared for 15 minutes before the meeting and practice using the online meeting app. Especially if having a presentation, you should prepare the agenda and files

Important in online meetings through various apps Many people may not like to open the camera because they may be shy or not familiar. But, opening the camera will make us focus more on the meeting. Also see the facial expressions of the attendees, making it possible to know the Feed Back of the subject being discussed in real-time. And meetings will be more effective

6. Having a clear time to rest and finish work

When working at home, you must set the time for starting work, lunchtime, and ending work as if going to work. Don't overwork Because it may adversely affect health. Importantly, Work from Home will return the remaining time from each day of travel. It may make us use this time to do other things and have more time for people at home.

7. Keeping the mind ready for work

During the Social Distancing phase, people must stay away from friends, family, loved ones and are unable to live life as normal. It can cause stress and loneliness. Therefore, there should be regular discussions, not to be distant. For the team, there may be an hour every week for everyone to update their lives on anything that is not a job. To create an atmosphere that is like going to work where there is talk and tease and play. Might think of fun themes in attendance at this meeting to create smiles and more fun

8. Take good care of your health.

It is a good opportunity for us to take full care of our health. We will get to sleep more fully because we don't have to get up early to break through the traffic jam to work. Can eat on time After work you can do light exercise. At home instantly. And you can also go to the kitchen to try to cook the food that you like. Work-Life Balance perfectly according to our design. When healthy Resulting in a mind ready to start a new job each day and work more efficiently.

Although COVID-19 entered a crisis in everyone's life but we can turn the crisis into an opportunity to continue to develop ourselves. Do not let time in this period slip away futile. Make the most of it and build confidence in working for the team and organization and is ready to go through this together