Buying a brand-new car for a family’s delight

The car becomes a daily necessity for most people because of the easiness of having own car and the limitation of traveling by public transportation especially during the epidemic of COVID-19. Those reasons have caused many people to look for a car for their daily use.

Buying a new car will have to spend a lot of money. People who need to a car, especially the salary earners should consider the best value and, most importantly, not too much of a burden.

There are many factors to make a car purchase; design, performance, usability including personal preference. However, there is one thing that should not be overlooked – financial capacity.

The financial capacity should be firstly considered. It should never affect other spending and savings for the future.

Most importantly, don't think about only the first payment which is the down payment, but also other long-term costs. The other long-term expenses are the monthly payment, the annual renewal tax, insurance cost, maintenance cost based on distance. There are also daily expenses such as fuel costs, tolls, parking fees, etc. All those expenses have to be combined together and calculated out as expenses in each month, then carefully think whether you will be able to absorb.

How much % those expenses are the proportion of income? It depends on the readiness of each person. But it is recommended that all expenses should not exceed 30% of income.

Once the answer is got, then let’s see that what groups of cars match this financial condition? This step is not easy because nowadays there are many different models, brands, and styles.Here is some advice for you

"First step": Answer your own question whether only you or someone else or many people within the family will use the same car. The pattern of use will be for general traveling or for making a living which must be further subdivided into that make a living or as an additional occupation only. If used primarily for making a living, the car must carry heavy loads you have to look for a car that supports it well both the strength of the suspension and the width of the loading area.

Now let's talk about buying a car for general use. But it works for many people either it is a small family, medium family, or a large family which will require additional decision-making elements.

First of all, you should find a "consensus" first, even if the car purchased has only one driver.

Because if the person who drives regularly is the person who chooses the car, then choose the car that they like and often choose from the design and driving performance. Some people like the strong speed, good acceleration, the late speed is continuous. Some people like sports cars, hard suspension stick to the road tightly, and a sharp steering wheel.

Some cars are joyful for driving alone. But once there are family members as passengers, they may not like those driving mood, such as the sporty suspension that comes with that harshness. The driver has no problem but the seated people feel that they are uncomfortable, especially if they have "children" or "elderly" too. Forget about these cars.

If there are children or the elderly, you should select a car that is soft, comfortable, and have a spacious cabin including an easy entering in-out or going up-down.

If it's a small family, there are a lot of general sedans or a utility vehicle to choose from, including "SUV, crossover or MPV" But if it is a larger family, you should look at the 6 or 7 seater cars, which have a wide variety of styles and models to choose from as well. In this case, not talking about a very large family, because we have to talk about the van mainly.

Regardless of the family size, you should have a driving test and see the real car first before buying it. Do not forget that buying any cheaper items such as clothes or shoes, we still need to try. That’s not just for a fit but the comfort of wearing. Otherwise, look at the whole picture if it suits you.

Car is an expensive item that you must test driving. If there is any brand or showroom that denies giving you a test, don't buy it from them. You have many options.

Let yourself test-driving like you are really driving with all regular passengers on their regular seats. Anyone who sits regularly anywhere, try sitting and look at both the front and back seats, including the third seated row, in the case of a 6 or 7-seat car, see if it is comfortable. Do you get the feeling of airy, uncomfortable? The foot space is enough or the knee area is too narrow and the knees must not be attached to the front seat. In particular, the third seated row is often small and narrow, but there are some models that are designed quite well. You need to try a lot including trying to get in - out through the second seated row as well in order to see whether it is convenient

But in case the third seated row is not oftenly used and the traveling distance is not too far, such as going out for a meal. This may be enough to overlook this matter.

Then, test driving with the whole family on the car in order to see when the car is moving how satisfied you are. The comfort of the car, tossing the body, body stabilization, or the face of the rear lift when the brakes or the facelift collapsed when starting. Which these symptoms will make you sit uncomfortable and easily lightheaded. Testing like this will let the driver know the performance. while passengers learn the comfort.

Of course, finally, each car would not be able to meet everyone's needs at 100% but at least it will be the finding the most common point of mutual satisfaction.