72 miracle numbers - invest for your money to grow up in time for retirement

In an age where interests for deposits are low while inflation continued to grow. Have you ever thought about how much money you must keep in your savings or fixed account? How long will it take to double? Secretly said before that you will cry because it takes a very long time.

Thanks to Einstein for his theory of number 72, which he even said that this is one of the 8 wonders of the world. What is miracle number 72, and how does it help us to think and do it in time for our money to grow in time? Let's solve the answers.

The number theory 72, or what many people call a miracle, number 72 is the power of compound interest. It is a simple calculation method That the principal we have will double in how many years if saving or investing at a specified rate of return. Or vice versa, if wanting to have money that has doubled in each period, will have to get much compensation to achieve the goal. With the following simple formula

How many years of savings or investments will be double = 72 / annual rate of return (%)?

How much will the savings or investment be doubled with the interest rate = 72 / the period of savings or investment (years)?

Now let's play it and calculate. With the current deposit interest rate (interest rate data from Siam Commercial Bank on 7 February 2020). If we have a principal of 100,000 baht deposited in a savings account 72 / 0.5 = 144 years! Yes, that’s right. If you save one hundred thousand in a savings account that provides 0.5% interest, it takes 144 years for the money to increase to two hundred thousand baht. Let's look at a 24-month deposit that offers 1.10% interest. 72 / 1.10 = 65 years. Moving to a 2-year deposit still takes 65 years that the money will increase from 1 hundred thousand to 2 hundred thousand baht.

Can you wait 100 years or 60 years? Whoever keeps most of their money in a savings account or even fixed deposits that interest today is on the downside, is it time to adjust your financial strategy so that money can grow faster? Allow us to prosper faster, such as investing in stocks or mutual funds that may yield up to 10% (assumed numbers). Let's see how much 100 thousand baht we used to spend in the past 72/10 = 7.2 years. That’s right, 144 years and 7.2 years. There are so many different, right?

But in truth, investing is not easy. Many people still lack knowledge, investment understanding because the investment world is complicated across different industries, different investment policies, different risks or fluctuations. And many other people who not only lack knowledge but also the time as well as having little investment power causing fear and hesitation and not knowing how to start. While some people have started to invest but still not successful because they do not have time to seriously analyze and have a lot of emotions to lead the decisions.

Therefore, investing with a helper like the ROBO ADVISOR service is a good solution. Financial innovations that will help design and automate mutual fund portfolio, manage and portfolios to suit market conditions and investor risks. It will also help adjust the portfolio automatically so that the investment will be balanced appropriately. The expert port management relies on experience investment views and various techniques to help procure and manage portfolios. Together with A.I. or Artificial Intelligence to help capture market signals 24 hours a day, every day by analyzing various economic overview data such as economic growth or GDP, inflation, an interest rate of government bonds, or analysis of other technical factors. And closely look after the port and adjust the port timely if there are significant market signals. In addition, the ROBO ADVISOR service will automatically send mutual fund purchase-orders. Automatic deduction of investments from deposit accounts in addition to the monthly investment service (DCA), all of which are free services no additional costs!

In the investment world, of course, the faster it starts, the better. But it is better to start today rather than postponing it or not do it at all. As the famous Chinese proverb, "Best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second-best time is now." So, the best time to start investing to grow money is today and now, because you don't have enough time to wait for 100 years or 60 years. Begin today for stability and a better life in the future. The ROBO ADVISOR service starts with the first investment of just 3,000 baht via the EASY INVEST app of SCB Securities. Learn more at www.scbs.com/roboadvisor.