Study a little bit Before thinking of opening a restaurant in Chiang Mai

Lanna charm like Chiang Mai occupying the hearts of both Thai and international tourists from around the world Until becoming the top province Of Thailand with an annual tourism income of over 67,000 million baht. with a variety of tourist attractions, both natural Unique history and culture. In addition to being outstanding in tourism Chiang Mai is still in the top spots. Of the most prosperous province in the country Therefore not surprising that many people want to move to settle down and do business in Chiang Mai. Of course, one of the businesses that many people aim for is the inevitable restaurant and cafe business. But did you know that Chiang Mai is the province with the 2nd largest number of restaurants after Bangkok! Therefore, running a restaurant business in the capital city of Lanna to make them prosper is not easy. Studying information well before you start dreaming is essential.

Where to open a restaurant?

Location is the key. Does it mean that we should open a restaurant in the largest district, the most prosperous, the busiest? Let’s look at this information first. Quickly decide which of the 5 districts of Chiang Mai has the largest number of restaurants (data for 2019).

1. Mueang District   amount  10,XXX   restaurants

2.Sunsai                   amount  1,2XX      restaurants

3.Hang Dong           amount  9XX        restaurants

4.Sankampang       amount  7XX         restaurants

5.Maerim                amount  6XX         restaurants

From the information, it is found that Mueang District has the highest competition. Although it is the district that has the most prosperity, they're the busiest people are the most, but the competition is also very intense. And if looking at the districts which district has the most newly opened restaurants, it is found that in the same direction, which is Muang District, there are 1,766 new restaurants open, San Sai District has 222 newly opened restaurants, Hang Dong has 159 restaurants, Sankampang has 118 stores and Saraphi district has 109 newly opened restaurants. Saraphi District is interesting that originally did not rank in the district with many restaurants. But is currently growing

What kind of restaurant should be opened?

Aside from locations that must be decided, the type of shop is another important issue. Many people have dreams of having a small coffee shop. Somewhere in Chiang Mai or open a pearl milk tea shop that is very popular this hour but looking at this information first may make you think again.

Restaurant type

Number of newly opened 

Percentage of growth from 2018

Coffee shop



Thai Food









Street food



Pearl milk tea



Northeastern food



Single dish



From the data, the coffee shops are the most open category with 362 new stores, but the growth rate is only 17% which may indicate the saturation of this business. While there are 132 newly opened pearl milk tea stores, but with a growth rate of 780% from the previous year, showing the huge boom of pearl milk tea shops and the number of competitors that have multiplied. While a single dish has 122 newly opened restaurants and the rate increases only 7%

Another information that can help decide which restaurant to open. Is the search for information about which menus are searched the most on the internet as follows

1. Curried Noodle Soup

2.Pork Dip

3. Larb

4.Spicy Salad

5.Soft-boiled rice

6.Lightly fermented rice noodles

7. Sichuan pepper

8. Chicken over rice

9. Pearl milk tea

10. Boat Noodle

From the information, it is found that Khao Soi, which is local food and a single dish, has the highest search rate. Other than that, other menus that are a single dish such as rice porridge, rice noodles, chicken rice has a lot of searches as well. While the number of single-dish restaurants is still small, and the growth rate is not high Maybe another interesting type of restaurant due to the demand and the competition is not very high.

Adapting to technology be aware of modern consumers

Aside from studying information about market conditions and competition Updating trends about modern consumers and using technology for efficient restaurant management are also very important. Do you know which day most people searched for information about restaurants most? The answer is Sunday, which is twice as much as Saturday, which is second. Consumer behavior data are essential for restaurant operators in today's world. Because modern consumers pay more attention to connecting with technology Searching for restaurant information and reading restaurant reviews through apps or websites before deciding. Therefore, having restaurant information on the number one food-related platform like Wongnai will help operators connect with many customers. In addition, using fully integrated restaurant management technology like Wongnai POS, which has full functions including menus, ordering food, billing of food with a QR Code at the end, connecting to food delivery with Line Man. Connect with the Wongnai app. Have a good membership system. And able to complete sales reports. Restaurants can do promotions, add new menus, update pictures, edit restaurant information in Real-Time, which helps to access and better serve customers' needs. Including the in-store management with image rights

Owning a successful restaurant business may not be easy. But not difficult to reach If doing homework well, studying and analyzing all-round information. Understand the changing trends of the restaurant business. Understand the changing behavior and needs of consumers and able to respond to new needs in a timely manner which can be summarized by 3 keywords: awareness, alertness, change. If able to do these 3 things, success is not far away.