Money Solutions for Salaried Employee Additional Job

As we are a general salaryman with many payment loads including paying for condominium and taking care of the family. Do not talk about saving money, only monthly payment is hardly enough paid.

Due to our cost of living is getting higher every day and increasing loan interest rate annually but we still receive the same salary. So, we think that we need to find an additional job to earn more money to be balanced with our debt. However, our full-time job consumes our time almost all day, then I looked around and found a post office next to the office and thought that online selling might be a good idea. Packing products according to customer order takes less time compared to other part-time job but I have to remind myself that I must keep only a small stock, not a large one to protect myself first.

Starting from selling what we are interested in and use is safer, so I started with health and skincare products. Firstly, I introduced them to people around me and sell a small amount with a small profit which was not significant. So, I started selling via Instagram, and it was only a few customers within 3 - 4 days. Sometimes there was no order for a week. I was tired but I kept posting the product to get more customers.

Months passed then a year, from receiving just a few orders a week to everyday order which changed my every lunch break activity to be walking to the post office and sent parcels to customers. The profit has increased from just hundreds turn into thousands and ten thousand. I have earned customer trust and loyalty. They continue ordering and I were smiling with the joy of the profit but worried about shortage stock to satisfy customers need.

All online sellers know that if you let your customers wait too long, they will change their mind and find other shops. So, I was thinking that I should open a shop to store a larger stock and let someone at home taking care of it while I pack and ship for daily online orders.

I was smiling while I dreamt about this big project but thinking about big-budget made me stop dreaming about investing in shop and product storage. It might be not that luxury, but I need a large sum of money to invest. If I use all my savings money, it would be too risky. What would I do if it is not what I thought? What about my own current debt? Also, no one would lend me that money because it is just a dream with no guarantee. 

As it is and I do not know who to consult with meanwhile I was playing on my mobile phone and trying to find anyone who had the same problem as mine. 

Then I found this message,

“Want some money? Want to extend your business? No effect on your saving pocket money. I am starting to use the personal speedy loan. It is so convenient”

This stopped me for a while, and I was trying to find what Speedy Loan is and how it can help my business. I found that Speedy Loan is a personal loan which can be 5 times your salary but not exceed 2 million Baht and will transfer cash directly to your bank account. This loan does not require any guarantee with a minimum payment at 2,900 Baht per ten thousand Baht loans per month with a maximum 72 months installment plan and a low-interest rate. This is the point!   

The eligibility of person who wants to apply is you must be Thai with a minimum monthly income of 10,000 - 15,000 Baht and must submit evidence as below,

  • An identification card or government officer identification card
  • Salary confirmation or payslips and bank statements for the past three months for any salaried employee
  • Copy of trade registration, company registration and bank statements for the past six months for any business owner
  • Copy of the first page of the book bank for transferring money to that account 


As I am an employee with a salary, what should I wait for then? Hurry up and apply for this loan to get my dream comes true. Also, you can send this Speedy Loan application via website or SCB EASY in case you are too busy to go to the bank.

Some people may be confused between Speedy Loan and Speedy Cash, I got an answer for you! At first, I was also confused, and I found that Speedy Cash is a cash card that is suited for anyone who needs cash but not that big. The cash card is like another ATM card. Speedy Loan is for a person who wants big money that will be directly transferred to your account and ready to pay according to an installment plan.

There was a staff calling after I applied for the loan, told me that I was approved, and money was transferred to my account the next day. This is so easy! It was like heaven.

I was so happy at that time and then it is time to do my business! I was so excited that I could enlarge my storage for more orders, and it will be a ready-to-ship product. Wait a little longer my customer, you will be surprised!