I have no health insurance, what should I do?

One day, in the late evening I was scrolling down my news feed on social media which made me think of 2 years ago.

It was another ordinary morning rush. After I stepped off the BTS, I stopped to buy the delicious fried pork with sticky rice and went to have breakfast at my office pantry. While I was eating, I suddenly felt a pain in my stomach as if someone was trying to twist my intestine which made me cannot sit upright.

I was sweating due to the pain, but my body is very cold. My colleagues saw me, then they brought me a pain relief pill. Half an hour passed, I felt better, so I went back to work. However, all my friends suggested me to go see a doctor in case of any emergency.

Later that day, I went back home with a greater than half of remaining of fried pork and sticky rice and went out to a famous hospital near home with my mom.

At the private hospital, the doctor asked me some questions and ordered a lower abdominal ultrasound because I usually had a stomach pain seems like painful periods or dysmenorrhea, but it was not as painful and long as this time.

Ultrasound results showed that I had a chocolate cyst within both ovaries which was as big as a tennis ball and needed to be cured only by an operation. This cyst was caused by trapped menstruation within the cavity of the pelvis such as ovary or uterus which actually need to leave the body. Every month, it was accumulated and eventually, it became bigger and went darker as chocolate color.

What is going on!? I am almost 30 years old and had never admitted in any hospital, but this time was going to be an operation! I was worried and afraid and wanted to go home but they suggested me to stay at the hospital due to it is dangerous in case of any emergency happens.

My mom was also worried as same as me. So, we decided to ask the doctor to go home but we did not forget to ask the overall operation cost. For me, I did not have any personal health insurance except the company group health insurance. The overall cost is around a hundred and sixty thousand Baht which the company insurance can cover around seventy thousand Baht and I had to pay the rest. However, it was not the end.

The next day, my mom decided to change the hospital due to someone she knows suggested to her another famous and highly experienced doctor. At least, this guarantees my safety and beautiful scar. However, to get the soonest appointment, I need to go to another private hospital in which this doctor works. Hence, mom took me there at this private luxury hospital at the heart of the city.

This doctor also said the same as the previous doctor that I need to have an abdominal surgery because the cyst is too large to do minimally invasive surgery. The overall cost was approximately nearly three hundred thousand Baht. This was twice the amount of the first hospital and I did not know that it was caused by this famous doctor cost or the luxury of this hospital but I thought it was okay to trade this high price with this peace of mind and comfort of the service and luxury place.

I had two weeks before the operation, so I discussed with my family about this medical cost and I decided to not disturb my mom and dad money because they have their own burden. I applied for the loan at the bank located opposite to my office with my HR suggestion and gave me the work verification.

I prepared all the documents and got approval by the bank before the operation. Finally, I did not have to worry at all!

The operation went well and all the nurses were nice. They took great care of me. The anesthetist is very nice and good. Also, the doctor's assistant doctor is a well-known gynecologist doctor. The operation room is modern and clean. I fell asleep because of the medicine with the doctor's word as “After the operation, you will feel a lot better.''

Until this point, I want to tell anyone who does not have medical insurance to help reduce medical costs or your health might not be ready to buy insurance but in need of recovery, it is another solution to apply for a medical loan. Moreover, getting a loan these days is not that difficult compared to two years ago because the newsfeed that I found and remind me of two years operation is “Medical loan, easy apply via SCB EASY application with a minimum monthly payment as 2,500 Baht per 100,000 Baht. No need for any guarantee. Interesting? Click https://www.scb.co.th/th/personal-banking/loans/personal-loans/speedy-education-medical.html