Lazy Economy –A Comfortable Lazy Life

When technology becomes a hero that unravels the messes in our life, that lazy little we just get bigger. By the time we know it, it is impossible for us to escape from the convenience of ordering via online application. In one aspect, it seems like a risk in raising the expenses, but if we know the right time to use that laziness, our life could be pretty fabulous.

1. “See the beauty in laziness.” In times of fatigue and darkness, human needs utilities to ease their pain point. Since application fulfills desires, we call this a Lazy Economy because it allows a more convenient life. For examples, there is no need to go through the hectic traffic, look for parking or queue up and we even have time to relax and listen to Podcast at home.

2.  “Understand laziness through New Normal.” The outbreak of pandemic Covid-19 drives technology to become an important assistant in the New Normal. Even though some people did not understand or avoided getting their life involved with the digital world, when the situation forces them to, they have no other choice but to try. For example, people will have to work from home by using online programs for meetings, do an online seminar,s and shop through online platforms that many people have started to be addicted to the fast-moving technology that creates similar vibes to classroom and meeting room.


3. “Victory from laziness.” We always think that the importance of technology is that it does many tasks on our behalves, but most importantly, it could reduce the cost of our living. The examples would be when we crave for our favourite food that is selling in the community that parking is impossible, these services will help us to save fuel cost and our precious time or we can benefit from Coins system from the online supermarket when there is a promotion that is cheaper than that of the actual supermarket and we do not have to push those trolleys around when the products are delivered at our doorstep.

4. “Be lazy as much as we like as long as we are disciplined.” We might spend more money in the name of laziness, but if we record our spending in real-time and constantly remind ourselves when we encounter that our expenses are too high, we can then decrease our laziness and slow down the rate of the delivery order. This can be a way for us to be financially disciplined.

5.  “Use to develop.” On the bright side, the increased popularity of the Lazy Economy will positively affect all related parties. From the buyers who get to experience fast delivery of goods and services to sellers who get to sell their products in a larger quantity and obtain more money to search for or develop new products. As for the medium or platforms, they will have to improve their system and service to match the ever-changing consumer behavior.

6.  “The small ones get to shine.” The digital world erases the restriction of those with lower cost and changes anyone into popular sellers overnight. When the light in front of the store flashes on the online platform, those with a lower budget will get to show their true worth and let their creativity shine on the platform that various customers can access. An example would be the application ‘Robinhood’, a food delivery platform by SCB that does not charge users. It was launched to fix the same old problem that sometimes causes stores to earn less or places more responsibility on buyers that they have to pay more. It also helps to create flow for the food stores as the money can be cleared within an hour.

7. “If the society can survive, we can.” In the modern world, growing alone might not be enough especially the social issues that require the voices of all related parties. Similarly, SCB launched Robinhood, an online application, as an option to ease the burden of the climbing cost of living. All these are because of the belief that if the society can survive, we, as parts of it, will also survive.

In life, we as human beings can be lazy. However, if we can utilize our laziness at the right place and time, it would not hurt our financial condition that we can leisurely surf amidst the Lazy Economy with a breeze.