How to create content to boost sales up sharply

Any business can be successful such as the hotel business. In addition to creating a beautiful, distinctive hotel with a selling point providing excellent service experience for customers. But that's not enough. Having a consistent number of people reserving rooms is what every hotel need. In the age that social media is a consumer universe online marketing with content marketing to attract and reach target customers is something that hotel operators must learn. The DOTS: Hotel Game Changer has brought content marketing experts to share their experiences with participants that can do. We have Khun Kasemsak Sirirak, Managing Directo MOVF Media Group Co., Ltd. The owner Facebook page The Sneak Out with over 25 million followers, Khun Nathira Wongpaitoon, Co-founder Graft Co., Ltd., content maker, travel and design enthusiast and Khun Amornpun Somsawat, Director, Hotel Industry Expert, Siam Commercial Bank who is a consultant for over 15 years. They came to share tips for creating interesting content.

Using Passion to create content

How should begin a page via social media begin? Every guru thinks that the beginning should be based on existing preferences. Making content based on love and liking will prevent you from having to force yourself. Have enough knowledge base then can do it for a long time. The important thing is to be different from what other people are doing. And sharing experiences through fun storytelling will make your page creation successful. This is no different from creating a hotel page. There must be a character. Find yourself clearly what the hotel looks like. Communicate with any customer groups and create content based on what people are searching for, so the page will be followed.

Know them - Know us to release content any time it gets hit

There are 3 principles of content creation. First, there must be a clear goal of what kind of content to do, what to do. The second must know who the target audience is. Third, present content from pain points or what the target audience is looking for Importantly, the goal must be clear.


Viral creation is not a coincidence

To make content so viral that you need to learn what people want to see. Must use radar to find out what people are interested in at that time. If social monitoring is used, it will help to understand the current trend. Another thing that should not be overlooked when people will share content because of value and must know that one piece of content doesn't just speak to the world but to our target audience.


Khun Nathira Wongpaitoon, Co-founder Graft Co., Ltd. Sees that "making content bang sometimes has to test and see the trend of what people like. See insight for what people want to know about is the opportunity to be Viral. "

Khun Amornpun Somsawat, Director, Hotel Industry Expert, Siam Commercial Bank views the creation of content for the hotel business as "Give an example, resort-style hotels. When it comes to viral, it is necessary to see if it fits the character of the hotel. No need to follow every trend Must always remember what the goal of communication is, who are the customers? Does the client want to listen? If not truly knowing customers, the content communicated will not reflect our brand. "

Promote places that no one knows. What to do?

Making destination content in places that people don't know Aside from having to take beautiful, attractive images still must present with new ideas. What are some ways to motivate people to travel along? Khun Kasemsak the owner page Sneak Out sees that "content creators must respond to how good the place is, must know deeply, know truth, understand that area more than ordinary people and find out the strengths of the place and what advantages there are, why people have to go and why it is different from other places. Including the proposed format, must satisfy the consumers and that is indispensable to give any experience to those who go.

In addition, before producing content, try to sell that location offline first. By finding the common characteristics of the target customer (persona) and try to sell. If unable to sell, then change to a new persona so you don't have to waste time and money. If you can't sell offline, don't go online. Must come back and update the content. "This is a simple way to check if the content has been targeted.

Hook the perfect punch to increase sales from Destination Content

Creating a hotel page or hotel website, aside from having basic hotel information. Creating a destination content will help the tie-in increase sales for the hotel. By having to find the journey of the customers Why do customers choose the hotel? What are the locations near the hotel? Then put in content to find out what content makes customers decide to stay at the hotel. Then add that type of content to add, such as the strengths of hotels that make people stay, attractions around the hotel, etc.

How to choose content to fit with the platform

There are many social media platforms. How to choose the right content for each platform? Khun Kasemsak from Sneak Out shared that "Must learn the behavior of people in each platform and make it appropriate such as YouTube offering videos, Facebook focuses on providing data in many formats. While Instagram emphasizes beautiful images to inspire. In addition, does the content created to add value to the target audience? Therefore, the selection of content must be thought of as a process in order to make the content suitable for creating and responding to the purpose of communication. "

How to create content for Continue

When creating a hotel page or website and want to have followers and engagement, what should the hotel do? First, there must be an ongoing creative content plan. Must plan throughout the year in order to get an overview of what content is available. If you don't have a calendar for the whole year, you don't know what to post each day. Which is a waste of no benefit to the hotel.

In addition, you can choose to plan your content in the form of regular columns, which will make it easier because each column will have unique content. Causing content creators not to get lost. Another thing that creates a good engagement is real-time content that can connect to the hotel business but not everything must always see if that topic fits the core value or not.

Finally, when creating content, everything is laid out well. Must not forget about closing sales. If not being able to close the sale, it is a waste of time. Including having to communicate with offline staff to know online because if a customer calls in, the employee doesn't know then there is no benefit as well. Therefore, all sides must know all the information and can close the sale too. Therefore, it is considered that online marketing is successful.

In addition to the theory packed for hotel operators, The DOTS: Hotel Game Changer has brought the actual case study to the hotel business for participants to bring theory to practice. In this time, the successful business model of heritage boutique hotel to study. By inviting Khun Prapaporn Bamrungthai, Architectural Conservation Studio Director and Khun Phanumas Chayen, Managing Director from Arsom Silp Institute of The Arts to talk about the origin and the way of building a social enterprise hotel business with strong cooperation of the community which is accepted both local and abroad.

Preserve sustainable old town towards the Boutique Hotel

Khun Phanumas shared the beginning of the project Baanluangrajamaitri Historic Inn that renovated into a guesthouse to learn about the history of staying at Chanthaboon Riverside Community. Inside the house, there is a collection of the history of Luangrajamaitri, the contributor to the people of Chanthaburi. And still, preserve the ancient architecture and traditional way of life of the villagers as well. "

Create the participation of people in the community

The participation of people in the community is considered the key success of the Baanluangrajamaitri Historic Inn. Khun Phanumas said that Arsom Silp Institute of The Arts architects for community and environment has created participation of people in the community by founded Chantaboon Rakdee Co., Ltd., To make "Chanthaboon Model", a sample project of conservation with the concept of social enterprise. By collaborating with the villagers to build a house and raise funds from the community together to hold shares as owners and help each other take care. By generating income from tourism that is appropriate for the community and still maintain the community way of life as much as possible "

Raising culture leading trade model

Doing business alone cannot make Baanluangrajamaitri be successful Khun Phanumas Recalled: "For 4 years, the people of the community, government agencies, the Arsom Silp Institute of The Arts and other departments conservation and restoration of the Chanthaboon riverside area until creating a vision, culture leads to trade. Which focuses on the conservation of architecture and sustainable community rehabilitation. By preserving the traditional way of life of the community, from society to culture and economy to continue by not doing it commercially only. Which this model proves that one house will not survive. " But the Chanthaboon River neighborhood must survive and that will make a business to survive "

Resurrect the building to life Narrating historical thoughts through the room

Khun Phapaporn, Architectural Conservation Studio Director from the Arsom Silp Institute of The Arts talking about design inspiration that “start by wanting to conserve by adding creative by thinking of how to make the hotel alive and can talk to people. Make the building inspire people to see and want to go back to preserve the community or go back to take care of their homeland. As well as allowing this place to convey the local culture and history of Chanthaburi like a museum where people can come and learn without spending money. Here there will be storytelling with the room design. Enter the history of homeowners through various rooms. Bring history back to life, the people who come to stay understand his life. Including archaeological excavations Inspired by the history of the Luang Rajamaitri. "

According to the feasibility study, this project can payback within 10 years. Profits that arise aside from dividend returns to shareholders Some of the profits will be used to develop Chanthaboon Riverside Community. And one thing that Baanluangrajamaitri places great importance on is the service mind. Because it cannot inimitable; therefore, Baanluangrajamaitri received a score of 9.1 in the ranking of And from the social enterprise hotel model, it proves that businesses do not have to focus solely on profits. Returning to society, raising culture, bringing tradeable to generate income while preserving the traditional culture to grow together sustainably.


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