Penetrate Cambodian Market through E-Commerce to Fight Against COVID-19

The current pandemic forces everyone to adapt working environment from the office to Work from Home. Whatever the situation is, entrepreneurs still need to retain their businesses and keep walking.

Finding a new market, especially markets that can overcome the COVID-19 crisis is significant. Not only the Thai market, our neighboring country like Cambodia is also attractive for investment.

Cambodia is a fast-growing country in economics, trading, and investment. Even though most trading follows a traditional pattern but online marketing is amazingly booming due to the government backup and extensive platforms that serve online product marketing. Thus, E-commerce or online marketing is another channel for Thai entrepreneurs who aim to invest in Cambodia.

In 2020, the website found 15.8 million Cambodian internet users out of 16.6 million population. Referring to that amount, 7.8 million represent online shoppers which will increase to 10.8 million in 2024. Most internet users are at the age of 25-34 and each user spends 1,500 baht. According to the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), most Cambodian access the internet via mobile phone, and 76% have an internet account for using the social networks; 96.4% use the social networks on a mobile phone. Most users tend to order Thai products in several categories such as cosmetic and skin moisturizers, health supplements, and fashion, respectively. Online marketing behavior is growing because online payment platform is available promptly so people feel secure and have more trust that leads to additional purchase.

Here are 3 giant E-commerce marketing leaders in Cambodia.

1. Tinh Tinh E-Commerce

(means “buy buy”) has launched since mid of August 2019. It’s the first state-backed Cambodian online marketing. Tinh Tinh is recognized by web developers as the largest platform in Cambodia with completed online services and it’s also functioned as a logistics representative.

2. AliExpress

The Chinese big leader in E-commerce owned by the Alibaba Group. Their 2019 strategy focused on supporting entrepreneurs ‘Local to Global’ to connect E-commerce platforms to 150 countries worldwide. This store is now popular and has expanded its market to Southeast Asian countries. They established a distribution center in Thailand given a chance to Thailand for delivering products to CLMV countries. Most Cambodian order products through AliExpress platform as it offers full services from the order processing systems, payment security, and reliable delivery.

3. Facebook

is the most popular channel for online marketing. According to ‘We are Social’ statistics in January 2018, Facebook users in Cambodia hit 7 million, equivalent to a 43% increase when comparing to January 2017. Also, from a survey of DITP, advertising through Facebook could reach Cambodian more than half of the total number of Facebook user accounts. Cambodian tend to search for products from Facebook more than the other web browser. Product sales announcement is posted in Marketplace and among personal account and fan pages.

In addition, there are other local platforms that offer online marketing such as Glad Market, Mall855, MyPhsar and

The challenge in operating an online business in Cambodia is no doubt the delivery process because postal codes and address locations are not well organized. However, Cambodian solved this problem by setting GPS accuracy to facilitate better product delivery. Besides, most people don’t own credit cards, they want to get products right away after ordering and normally pay cash on delivery. Online sellers hire transport agents to handle product delivery for customers while motorcycle delivery service is also available without a service fee.

Online marketing trend is becoming more popular and has increased the opportunity for Thai entrepreneurs to enter online business in Cambodia. SCB has a representative office “Cambodia Commercial Bank” available in 4 branches; Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Battambang, and Sihanoukville. We are pleased to give advice and support all financial services to entrepreneurs who plan to expand the business to Cambodia.

Customers who are interested in operating a business in CLMV or Great Mekong Subregion: GMS, comprising Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam, SCB has overseas branches to serve you. Please contact:

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