6 Qualifications for being a good startup management

There is a checklist for starting a startup. Let’s see what you should remind yourself of for smooth business conduction. This article shows what qualification shall leaders have to bring the business to reach the goal, how to deliver experience, and prepare for the next fundraising.

1. Having a growth mindset attitude

In this digital disruption era, anything could happen. Also, those skills and knowledge in the past may no longer be needed anymore. Hence, a growth mindset is the most important attitude for startup management because they need to be ready to change, be flexible, and see through the problem with a new solution to reach the goal.

2 .Having open-minded attitude

Since most startup models are original, startup leaders must have a vision with a “Big picture” of what ideal team they want to work with and what they shall do to reach the goal. While leaders are looking at the big picture and building inspiration to the team, “small pictures” from the team and the others are also important in order to develop the ideal business model to come true.

3. Having a marketer attitude

Although there might be many startup founders with different positions whether developer or designer, however, the most necessary personality in the startup leader team is the marketer. Even though how strong the backend developer is or how good the design is, but the startup is not well-known among people, discussing and inviting investors to invest in their startup will be difficult. Founders, especially the CEO, must own the marketer personality and know how to promote their startup products or services to be recognized by the targeted group. Also, being able to exchange opinions of their area and introduce their startup to the public is needed when they meet new people.

4. Having team management skill

There is always a presentation to the committees and investors about “Team” at every startup pitching competition because both internal team relationships and founder’s relationship is one of the important indicators that show how possible the success of that startup can be. Many startups could not reach the goal because “Broken team” and they separated before reaching the target. Hence, relationship management whether founders, talented persons, and bringing the whole team to the same goal is valuable.

5. Having ambition

Rome was not built in 7-days; thus, the new startup model is also cannot be successful in 7-days. Regarding startups is something that has never existed before so changing the market and consumers' behaviors together with persuading investors to invest is not that easy. Good startup leaders shall own an ambitious personality to reach their goal.

6. Being a rule breaker

Startup is like a creator who understands the marketing trends and original behavior but is also ready to create a new trend instead of following those old ones. Good startup leaders shall not be afraid of any obstacle and be ready to destroy it in order to create a new path.

It may be impossible that everyone will have those capabilities from the beginning but if you are interested in starting a startup but lack of any above-mentioned ability, you still have a chance to learn and improve yourself. We believe that if you are willing to do it, you can be a good startup leader as well!