Register for the SCB EASY app at an SCB ATM




1. Enter your ATM PIN.


2. Select SCB EASY from the menu SCB EASY/mutual funds/insurance/others. Select “Register for SCB EASY mobile banking.”


3. Enter your mobile phone number for registration. Select “OK.” Upon successful registration, you need to continue the transaction by selecting “Yes.”


4. Enter a 6-digit PIN for the SCB EASY app (identical numbers or sequential numbers such as 777777 or 123456 are prohibited). Select “OK.”


5. Check your registration details. Select “Confirm.”


6. Download the SCB EASY app via the App Store or Play Store (your mobile phone must support 3G/4G). Verify your mobile phone number and activate the SCB EASY app with your 6-digit PIN within 7 days.


7. Select “Accept” to agree to the terms and conditions, and you can register to use the SCB EASY app on 1 device per person. Once registration is complete, select “Next”.


8. To start using the SCB EASY app, you can customize settings as follows:

  • Activate push notifications to enhance transaction security.
  • Set up an e-mail address to enhance your account security.
  • Set up a fingerprint scanning feature to access the app instead of using a 6-digit PIN (only for mobile phones with Touch ID feature).
  • Add your SCB accounts (this feature will show for users having more than 1 SCB account).