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SCB provides two services 1 to help you cover risks from overseas banks that are counterparties in your trade finance transactions:
  1. SCB Outward Bills Discount without Recourse
  2. SCB Letter of Credit Confirmation
SCB will undertake the risk on your behalf. Whether it is the risk of default from the L/C issuing bank or the risk of the country where the L/C issuing bank is located, including the political risk from the country's government that restricting its flow of funds, etc. You may utilize these two services to help you mitigate the aforementioned risks.
1 In order to assess the risk premium for discounting or to set a charge for a letter of credit confirmation, SCB will examine the risk level of the L/C issuing bank as well as the risk level of the nation in which the bank is located.


SCB is able to undertake the risk of over 800 L/C issuing banks situated in 120 countries worldwide. This includes emerging markets on every continent. 2
You can reach our professional assistance from any of SCB International Trade Service Centers located across the country.
2 You may verify in advance with RM or SCB International Trade Service Center or SCB trade sales whether SCB can support the risk of the L/C issuing bank and the country where the L/C issuing bank is located for that export documents.


Comprehensive Service
Able to accommodate risks covering a variety of banks and trading partner countries.
Increase Business Competitiveness
Encourages you in increasing your competitiveness and confidently expanding your business into new markets.
Increase Financial Liquidity
You can raise the secondary revenue from your trade transactions such as gaining from foreign exchange rates, etc. In addition, when you utilize the SCB Outward Bills Discount without Recourse service, you will receive money faster, which will assist enhance your business liquidity after the export of goods.


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