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SCB offers to purchase export documents at a discount without recourse under a usance L/C where the exporter gives trade credit to the importer.
SCB will purchase a discount on export documents only once the L/C issuing bank confirms acceptance for payment on the maturity date.
Export documents can be discounted to SCB without waiting until the maturity date.
You will be paid for the value of the export document subtracted from the discount rate, and SCB will take the risk of the L/C issuing bank default or non-payment on your behalf as well as the risk of the country where the L/C issuing bank is located (country risk). 1
1 Country risk includes political risk, which is the risk that a country's government restricts the flow of capital (transfer risk).


SCB may purchase a discount without recourse, covering more than 800 L/C issuing banks in over 120 countries across the world, and the scope of service is constantly expanding. 2
You can reach our professional assistance from any of SCB International Trade Service Centers located across the country.
2 You may verify with RM or SCB International Trade Service Center or SCB trade sales in advance whether SCB can support the risk of the L/C issuing bank and the country where the L/C issuing bank is located for that export documents.



Agility in Business
SCB provides short-term financing by purchasing or discounting bills under L/C without recourse to help increase your working capital after shipment.
Instant Cash
SCB can instantly purchase bills under L/C both with and without discrepancies.
You can convert account receivables to cash without affecting your credit limit.
Maximize Business Opportunities
SCB can validate payments from over 800 banks in 120 countries, making it easier to grow your business to new trade rivals.


Information required:
  • Original L/C or amendment L/C (if any)
  • Billing documents under the terms and conditions of the letter of credit e.g. invoice, packing list, bill of exchange, bill of lading, etc.

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