Product Detail

Connect your enterprise computing system with SCB's servers to manage data transfers efficiently.

Four integration platforms* available:

  • SFTP data file transfer
  • Host-to-host (real-time connection)
  • SCB Business Net (special file upload)
  • SAP ABAP program

(*Suitability depends on your company's specific needs and network system.)


Provides central data conversion platform for instant data use based on your company's task (payment, collection, statement)

Automates data transmission between your company and banking system

Supports all types of software for ERP system (enterprise resource planning)

Supports end-to-end data encryption between your company and SCB's system

  • Facilitates easier financial transactions and saves time
  • Straight-through processing enhances transaction efficiency
  • Enhances account reconciliation
  • Reduces your company's data preparation burden, enhances data utilization
  • Minimizes your company's system development processes and costs