Product Detail

SCB E-Presentment & Payment lets your company bill by uploading the relevant documents (e.g., invoice, credit note, etc.) and sending them to your dealers online. This allows dealers to check the details against the commercial invoice and proceed with either immediate online payment or scheduled payment.


Uses electronic banking channel with sophisticated encryption and world-class security

Dealer can review statement, create payment list or approve payment online anytime and anywhere

Our team is ready to assist with system training for any company that subscribes to this service

For inquiries or troubleshooting, please call GTS Client Services, tel. 0-2544-1212 (08:30 – 18:30)


For Biller:

  • Reduces cost and time in collections & payment process, i.e., for messenger service, petrol, etc.
  • Improves cash flow management
  • Receive real-time notifications for easier accounts receivable reconciliation, allowing higher utilization of customer credit limit and maximizing your company’s revenue
  • Provides better risk management during collections process, preventing lost cheques and human error

For Buyer/Dealer:

  • Reduces costs and inefficiencies of payment process
  • Accesses credit line to increase purchasing power
  • Reduces risks of payment process
  • When payment confirmation slip is printed, system records accounts of origin and destination automatically. No need to re-enter account data.
  • Review all payment transactions online and download payment report for seamless account reconciliation