Product Detail

SCB Bill Collector service bills your clients on schedule, collects their cheques and deposits payments to your company account. It provides full reports and next-day delivery of cheques to your office, helping you manage accounts receivable effectively. Reports include cheque collection report, uncollected cheque report, billing and cheque payment due date report, unsuccessful billing report and next billing schedule report.


Professional, on-time collection service tailored to your own schedule and pick-up locations

Receive on-time reports every working day

Deposits are credited to your account as soon as collection is confirmed or at pre-specified date

Receive all necessary cheque information for each transaction

Download reports online quickly and easily 24/7 via SCB Business Net

  • Reduces manpower and administrative burden needed for tasks like document filing and travel to client
  • Reduces costs
  • Cash is deposited immediately and conveniently as soon as collection result arrives or at pre-specified date
  • Allows smooth and easy reconciliation of data and monitoring of billing and cheque status