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SCB's Multi-Bank Pooling Service combines all your company's current accounts at Thai banks into either a single SCB savings account or a single SCB current account. This service streamlines your banking, for better financial management. SCB will issue cheque payments from multi-bank accounts on behalf of your company or execute other tasks as assigned. In addition, all incoming cheques will be deposited to the SCB account. (SCB reserves the right to provide multi-banking pooling service only to businesses that are qualified according to the Bank’s terms and conditions.)


Choose from three convenient service formats:

Choose from three convenient service formats:

1. Pre-signed: Your company gives SCB cheques that are pre-signed by your authorized personnel. 2. Scan signature: Your company gives SCB your cheque books and the electronic signatures of authorized personnel. When you want to make a payment by cheque, SCB will print it using the scanned signature. 3. Power of attorney (POA): Give SCB your company's cheque books together with a POA form. You also notify other banks of this authorization. You can instantly view all transfers online via SCB Business Net.
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SCB Business Net lets you instantly review inbound transfers online

You can check your outbound transfer balance from multiple banks from SCB's daily report and monthly summary

  • Earn more interest by enhancing the efficiency of your financial management
  • Save time, increase convenience by letting SCB handle your financial management tasks
  • Reduce expenses in managing inter-bank transfers