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SCB's Liquidity Management service offers automatic transfers between linked accounts of the affiliates in your company group. It fully supports deposit accounts that are linked with current accounts, and allows seamless intraday and end-of-day transfers. All financial status inquiries of affiliated companies can be reviewed instantly. So can a consolidated intra-group loan report.


Link unlimited number of inter-branch accounts 1. A single deposit account (top-most) 2. A single current account (concentration), with or without group overdraft (OD) account. Specify this account to maximize benefits. 3. Unlimited number of subsidiary current accounts can be linked together.
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Supports maximum of 10 tiers

Fully automated 24/7 functioning

Automatic end-of-day transfer

Pre-specified end-of-day balance for all current accounts

Intraday cash pooling among accounts held within your corporate group

  • Enhances intra-group financial management
  • Improves financial planning efficiency
  • Optimizes management of current account/deposit account balance
  • Reduces financial errors and liquidity management burden