Product Detail

The SCB Thai Baht Clearing Account is a deposit account that supports book transfer payments to SCB accounts or remittances to any recipient without an SCB account. The account uses straight-through processing, an express transfer system based on world-class, state-of-the-art technology that enables an instant statement overview on SCB Business Net. Another key feature is account statement notifications in the universal SWIFT MT950 format.


No minimum deposit required to open account

No minimum average balance required

No account service fees

Seamless, fast and accurate remittances

Our professionals provide quick data verification

  • Fast and convenient remittances paid directly to receiver accounts
  • Instantly review transfer results and check the account balance online via SCB Business Net
  • Any remittance receiver with an SCB account will enjoy fast, cost- saving service from our branch network, with the added convenience of the nation's largest ATM network

Related Regulations of Bank of Thailand

Description Thai Baht Account of Foreign Financial Institutions
Type of account Current, Savings, Fixed (more than 6 months)
Interest payout N/A for current or savings account
N/A for current account without cheque book
Pays interest rates as specified on the date of fixed account deposit
End-of-day balance Consolidated, end-of-day balance at all domestic financial institutions is limited to maximum of 300 million THB.
OD (overdraft) N/A
Identify payment objectives Clearly state payment objectives in the SWIFT payment order as follows:
Section no. 70 in MT103 together with contact details of recipients
Section no. 72 in MT200/202

The provisions of Bank of Thailand regulations are in effect for all individuals or corporate THB account holders who reside in foreign countries but use financial services in Thailand.