Cultural and Environmental Conservation

Supporting art and culture, helping sustain traditions and promoting environmental conservation will all help ensure that our cultural heritage and natural heritage will live on to benefit future generations.

Siam Commercial Bank believes strongly in the importance of efforts to conserve culture and the environment. The Bank sponsors and assists charitable organizations that work to preserve cultural heritage and ancestral traditions that should be passed on to new generations, thereby helping ensure solidarity of the nation based on shared culture and values. And environmental protection, moreover, is important to the whole world as people everywhere endeavor to live more sustainably.


It is the duty of every person on the planet to join in reducing waste of limited natural resources. The environment must be protected, especially from the advance of global warming, which threatens all life. SCB is proud to be the first bank in Thailand to have offered customers the option of foregoing ATM receipts, as part of our many efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. 


The Bank is also committed to encouraging employees to volunteer to help the environment. Our "SCB, Let's Do Good" programs let staff take part in activities that promote conservation of natural habitats and reduction of waste, so that they as individuals can serve as driving forces in our mutual efforts toward greater sustainability.