Supporting external organizations in environmental conservation

The global environment and scarce natural resources have come under intense pressures from essentially unlimited consumption by human beings. To protect our planet for future generations, it is necessary to undertake major conservation efforts. 


Siam Commercial Bank recognizes this important need.  The Bank has provided support for conservation of Thailand's vast Western Forest, which is part of the largest natural habitat in continental Southeast Asia. This area is a major watershed containing some of the planet's richest biodiversity. Thus its value transcends national borders as a vital part of world heritage. Siam Commercial Bank has duly supported the Sueb Nakhasathien Foundation's ongoing efforts to conserve the forest environment and resources.  The Foundation's "Friendly Community Way of Life In the Western Forest Project” was implemented in 2010-2014, and its successful outcome has been extended to create the new “Western Community Enterprise Development Project.” The Bank and the Crown Property Bureau Foundation have supported the project's five-year implementation plan spanning 2015 to 2019. The Enterprise project  aims to encourage some 300 communities in areas surrounding the forest and its buffer zone to live in harmony with nature by balancing their   pursuit of livelihoods with preservation and rehabilitation of natural resources. The project encourages communities to participate in sustainable management of local natural resources at the same time that they develop community occupational groups to earn income from growing organic herbs and coffee and weaving fabrics. The concept guiding these enterprises toward sustainable growth is  "the people can live, the forest can endure, and the animals can survive.


A primary natural resource is water, on which all plants, animals and humans depend. The Bank has thus supported the Utokapat Foundation Under Royal Patronage, which works on water management. The Foundation utilizes technical knowledge advanced by His Majesty the late King Rama IX, who researched and developed water resources since the time he acceded to the throne. Throughout His Majesty's reign, he was concerned about the tremendous challenges involving water resources and management. Following His Majesty's approach, the Foundation ensures that relevant information is recorded, collected and disseminated to the public as a basis for improving local and national water management development.