Chalawan…Happily Worshiping the Famous Temple in Phichit

Since the past, the province of Phichit is a place where people just pass through to travel to other provinces in the north. However, that’s not the case nowadays because Phichit is an old city with a long history since the Sukhothai period. Therefore, there are various archeological sites, including ancient tradition that can hardly be seen nowadays.

In addition to the antiquity, the grand long boat race of Phichit will make you excited, fun and impressed. This can be guaranteed by tourists who joined the tradition every year.

One of the secondary cities that will make you greatly impressed.

Traditional Long Boat Racing

The Battle of the Famous Nan River, is about to start once again on this Saturday, 1st and Sunday, 2nd September. Do not miss the thrill of Thai traditional tradition. The long boat race of Phichit province is related to Buddhism. It is often done together along with the gold donation, paying homage to the monk and Kathin festival. The first ceremony began in 1907 during the era of former primate of Phichit province, Chao Khun Phra Thammathat Muniwong. The race will be held on the 6th day of 11th waxing moon of every year. Later in that time, the water in the Nan River reduce faster than usual, thus, the date was changed to the 6th day of 10th waxing moon. In the past, the winner will be given a blanket as a prize. Afterwards, the prize was changed to a picture of Luang Pho Phet instead. However, in the present, the trophy awarded by the King was given as well.

To inherit the beautiful culture and tradition of Thailand, Phichit province, together with the Tourism Authority of Thailand have organized a long boat racing tradition to become an annual event up until today. Each year, there will be long boat racing in many stadiums, with the biggest highlight at the Nan River in front of Wat Tha Luang. Each year, there are many tourists who take part in the long boat racing. Thus, this year will be equally vibrant. In addition to the long boat racing, there are also various other activities welcoming tourists from around the world. Those activities include the imitation of presenting royal trophy by the King, Maha Vajiralongkorn, boat parade contest, “Man of the Water, Unity and Faith” exhibition, selling of OTOP goods, performances by famous folk artists and performances by students. Therefore, this festival contains both fun in water and land.

Wat Tha Luang

Wat Tha Luang, or otherwise known as Wat Ratchadittharam, is the royal monastery of Phichit province where the Nan River flows through the front of the temple. Wat Tha Luang is considered to be an ancient temple that has stayed in this city for hundreds of years. It was constructed during the reign of King Rama III. Enshrined inside the ubosot (ordination hall) of the temple is Luang Pho Phet, the key attraction of this temple. Luang Pho Phet is a renowned bronze statue of Lord Buddha depicting Lord Buddha in the attitude of subduing Mara in the diamond or Phet sitting position. The statue measures the width of 1.40 meters and height of 1.60 meters. It is one of the first Chiang Saen-style statue existing for 882 years, in which the people of Phichit have so much faith in. Whoever comes to Phichit, they often do not miss to worship Luang Pho Phet for their prosperity. During the period of 20-30 January of each year, there will be a worshipping ceremony of Luang Pho Phet and a celebration of Phichit province, to preserve its traditional culture and promote tourism in Phichit.

It is located on Tha Luang District, Amphoe Mueang, Phichit Province.

Bueng Si Fai

This attraction site is a freshwater lake and swamp which includes both birds and fishes, as well as variety of beautiful water lily waiting to welcome tourists. Due to the reputation of Bueng Si Fai, the first symbol of Phichit province, many people get to know this province from Bueng Si Fai even before arriving at Phichit province. Bueng Si Fai is Thailand’s third largest water reservoir with an area of approximately 5,300 rai. Additionally, the lake is also a natural attraction with beautiful scenery, good breezing weather and real sunshine. 

Therefore, this place is a source of relaxation for both the people of Phichit and foreigners. On one side of the park is an aquarium exhibiting a variety of species of native fish as well as fish feeding site. If you want to see the birds, here includes both resident birds and rare birds that migrate according to season for you to watch. Moreover, there is also a spinning boat for you to enjoy the lagoon. This place is also surrounded by variety of flowers for you to relax. Another highlight of this attraction site is the legendary statue of ‘Phaya Chalawan’, the legendary crocodile of Phichit, which is 38 meters long and 6 meters wide. After you have enjoy the beautiful scenario, don’t forget to visit the Phichit Provincial Product Center to buy local products and souvenirs from local crafts such as wickerwork from water hyacinth, textile, four tone tamarind candy for your friends and relatives as well.

It is located on Mueang District, Amphoe Mueang, Phichit Province.

Utthayan Mueang Kao Pichit (The Old City

The Old City Park is one of the historical site of Phichit. It is said that in the Sukhothai period, this area used to be the site of Phichit city. Phichit city was built during the reign of King “Kotara Bong”, around 1058. Within the walls of the city there is a total area of ​​400 rai, including the wall of the city, moat, Wat Mahathat, the old pagoda and arboretum full of species.

Furthermore, there are also various attraction points to visit such as the City Pillar Shrine. On the top is the old pillar, whereas on the bottom is the statue of “Phraya Kotara Bong” or so-called “Pho Pu”. Moreover, there is Wat Mahathat is an ancient ruins built by bricks, located on the middle of old Phichit city. It has been registered as one of the national historical sites. In addition, Srimala Island is a landform that resembles a small island outside the old moat. It is assumed as a fortress or a guard tower. Lastly, the Chalawan Cave, which has its origin from the literature "Krai Thong" wrote by King Rama II. The statues of Krai Thong and Chalawan are installed at the cave entrance for foreigners to take a picture as a symbol of Phichit.

It is located on Rong Chang District, Amphoe Mueang, Phichit Province.

Wat Khao Rup Chang (Khao Rup Chang Templ

This temple is unique, unlike any other temple because it is located on the hilltop which look like an elephant kneeling. The architecture of the entire temple including the pagoda, monastery and the monk’s house, is the art of the Ayutthaya period. Later, in 1757, a pagoda was built on the top of the hill on the elephant head housing the Holy Relic of Buddha. There is also a traditional event being held there called “Pid Thong Wai Phra Kuen Khao Pen Duen Sam” where people pay homage and paste gold leaf to the Buddha statue. Since then, another important landmark is the Lord Buddha’s footprint covered by the Mondop to shelter it. Inside, there is a mural painting illustrating the story of Traiphum. Moreover, there is a pagoda built to celebrate 200 years of Rattanakosin. On top of the pagoda contains the Holy Relic of Buddha whereas the base contains the written of Buddhist scriptures. Furthermore, the highlight of this temple is the 136 Naga ladder to visit the historic site located above, which include the pagoda and the golden Buddha statue. Additionally, on top of the hill, there is a site viewing point to view the Phichit province in 360 degrees. If you visit this landmark during the rice field season, you will be able to see the beautiful green scenario of the rice field.

It is located on Pha Kam District, Amphoe Mueang, Phichit Province.

Wat Pho Prathap Chang (Pho Prathap Chan

Pho Prathap Chang temple is one of the famous temple in Phichit. It is a historical site that exist for more than 300 years built by an Ayutthaya king named Phra Chao Suea or King Sanphet VIII. It is considered as a monument for his birthplace. The temple is said to be very huge surrounded with 2 layer walls, which is an art of Ayutthaya. Today, everything remains the same without any reconstruction. The only exception is that the Fine Arts department has come to renovate some of its part to preserve it as a national treasure. Inside the temple, there is a Buddha statue of Luang Pho To or the so-called Luang Pho Yim, which is considered as one of the most sacred statue of Phichit. On the opposite of the temple, the people of Pho Prathap Chang also established the monument of Phra Chao Suea on the place they believe he was born. Apart from that, inside the temple, there is also a giant tree older than 250 years, which requires up to 7 people to be able to wrap around it. After visiting the temple, do not miss to visit the grapefruit field and buy some souvenirs from Samakkee Farmer Pho Prat Chang.

It is located on Pho Prathap Chang District, Amphoe Pho Prathap Chang, Phichit Province.

Wat Sukhumaram (Sukhumaram Temple)

Sukhumaram temple is one of the most beautiful religious landmark where people can worship the statue of sleeping reclining Buddha. The statue is a contemporary art design with the length of 55.29 long, which is considered to be 3rd biggest reclining Buddha statue in Thailand. It is located in an open white building where you can clearly see the beautiful statue. This statue was built to honor King Bhumibol Adulyadej or Rama the IX’s 84th Birthday Anniversary.

In addition to the reclining Buddha statue, you can also visit and worship the bronze statue of Luang Pho Kien, the former abbot of Sukhumaram temple, whom the people of Phichit and many Buddhists respect a lot. Within the temple, there are also various interesting ancient buildings such as the temple hall, the pagoda, the monk Luang Pu Pan, etc. If you have a chance to visit, you will discover the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the temple. Therefore, this temple is very suitable for practicing meditation and for Buddhists who want to seek happiness in the Dharma way of life.

It is located on Wang Taku District, Amphoe Bang Mun Nak, Phichit Province.

Wang Krod

Wang Krod is an old town community of Phichit province located near the Nan River. Wang Krod was once a prosperous area for trading. It is the intersection of transportation by land and water and is considered a major commercial center of the province. Later on, when most of the world has changed, the trading is not as active as in the past. However, some shops are still opened to succeed their ancestors. For example, grocery stores, food stores, dessert stores, traditional antique shops, drug stores, barbershops, etc. In the present, the area has once again become bustle due to the province has promoted this place as a tourist attraction.

What should be applause for of this area is the fact that it still preserved the architecture since the past. If you come to visit this place, you can see the simple and traditional way of living, without any additives. Behind the community lies the shrine of Chao Pho Wang Klom, a very sacred shrine, which is well respected by the people of this neighborhood. At the front of the community is the neo-classical Phichit railway station, which is still on service till today. Furthermore, this area also has a pedestrian shopping street where local people are given opportunity to sell their belongings and food for both the people of Phichit and foreigners, as a way to distribute income to the community. The shopping market will be open every Saturday evening. Whoever likes the charming old day atmosphere, this community is the best place for you.

It is located on Mueang District, Amphoe Mueang, Phichit Province.

Padaeng Fabrics Products

The most famous souvenir from the Phichit province is the hand weaving fabric by the Thai people of Padaeng, a community which still has its own identity and culture, including the language and weaving arts since the past.

Weaving fabric from Padaeng is different from other places due to the tying techniques which is derived from generation to generation. The color of the fabric is also bright and the color does not fade away even after several uses. Moreover, the fabric is very easy to maintain as it can be washed in the washing machine. There are also variety of weaving patterns such as bullet wood pattern, tailorbird pattern, diamond patterns, sun set pattern, etc. Apart from the good quality, the price is also affordable. Thus, it becomes popular within Thailand and out of Thailand. You can buy the fabrics of Padaeng at Nong Phayom District, Amphoe Taphan Hin, Phichit Province.


SCB Mae Manee is here

Big Seafood

Visit Phichit Seafood grill is second to none at "Big Seafood" . Organized a full buffet of freshly grilled seafood including shrimp, shellfish, crabs, fish, crabs, crabs, star crabs, crabs with big crayfish, small crayfish, squid, bananas, scallops, clams, sweet shells, plus pork, chicken, vegetables, corn, mushrooms, etc. Eaten with dipping sauce

 Behind the bus station

Open-Close : 11.00-20.00

Facebook : Big seafood

 Suk Sommai and Fishing Park Kitchen

Want to find a chill restaurant to hang out in a relaxed way, have lunch with the family or hilarious with friends during the night both on the raft and in the banquet room, the "Suk Sommai Kitchen and Fishing Park" is a good choice. Variety of delicious Thai food menu and there are also karaoke rooms, VIP rooms and fishing ponds for fun activities.


Open-Close : 10.00-24.00 

Facebook : ครัวสุขสมหมาย and ฟิชชิ่งปาร์ค

Apsara Cafe

Come in a nice cafe, Apsaras Cafe opposite Thai Wachirabarami Market. It ‘s the big café that is easy to find with beautiful decoration, high ceiling with loft style, feels like the bar style feel. There are many menu options available in Thai and English, including coffee drinks, Italian soda, smoothies, etc. 

Location : 85/4 Moo.5, Banna, Wachirabaramee, Phichit

Open-Close : 07.30-20.00 

Facebook : Apsara Cafe

Enjoy the Food of Phichit

  • Pla Yai Restaurant is a Thai restaurant with relaxing atmosphere. There are many menus available, especially the freshwater fish menu which is famous one in this area.

  • Kwan Kao Restaurant is a delicious Thai restaurant in a beautiful old wooden house.

  • Mag Mai Chai Nam Restaurant serves Thai food and local food under a nature-like atmosphere.

  • Pa Tao Restaurant is located at Wang Krod. The food sell here are traditional cook to order, for instance, the Tapioca Balls with Pork Filling.

  • Go Yee Coffee is an old coffee shop of Phichit that still use traditional technique to make tea and coffee.

  • Café de Chalawan serves the best coffee with a classic atmosphere.

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