Shopping like a pro: 5 shopping tips to get what you really want

Have you ever been unbearable? When there is a sale campaign, I couldn't resist not buying it. Even if it is not necessary or is something that already exists. Your heart will be weak when you see a SALE sign. Now it's very easy to buy anything because you can buy it online. Even though each purchase might only be in the hundreds but if you try to add them together It might turn out to be thousands or tens of thousands! Thankfully, savvy shopping is a skill that gets better with practice. For a smart take on how to get the most in-store and online, we have tips on spending wisely. That way you can put your savings towards life's biggest milestones, like buying a new car or embarking on your dream vacation.

1. Shop around, literally

It might sound like familiar advice, but "price shopping is key," says Adam Van Wie, CFP, chief operating officer of Van Wie Financial in Jacksonville Beach, Fla. While it may be a no-brainer for bigger purchases like cars or comparing electronics, it should also apply to household essentials and groceries. Instead of shopping with convenience in mind, it can pay off to research the best deal.

2. Plan ahead for purchases

The power of a plan when shopping for groceries — and not just because it makes dinner prep less stressful. Make a list and stick to it. If you run out of something, you put yourself in a situation like. You always end up buying things that you don't need."

3. Reduce the receipt of information from the store

Online shopping is one of the 21st century's greatest luxuries. As digital consumers, signing up for email offers and coupons never hurts, but it can often lead to some serious impulse purchases. Reducing the number of newsletters and promotions you receive and preventing them from ever landing in your inbox. "The next time an offer comes in. Filter it so it goes into its own folder that bypasses you. Using apps and tools to keep your inbox organized and manageable, without being tempted by hundreds of online offers each day.

4. Buy fashion staples on sale

That shirt, black dress, and the time-tested suit won't be out of trend anytime soon so if you want to stock up on the classics, you might as well wait until they're on sale. The style's not going to change, why would you spend full retail when you know it's going to be on clearance sooner or later? Most big department stores and specialty retailers advertise their sales regularly.

5. Wait it out

No matter how enticing impulse buys can be, there is wisdom in waiting. The key to being a savvy shopper is resisting temptation in the moment. Of course, holding back isn't easy and, thanks to flexible return policies, we can get trapped. "A lot of us tend to buy something and then decide if we want it. "And that's bad because as soon as something is sitting in your house, there's going to be this big emotional hurdle for you to go return it." believe in waiting 24-hours to decide if you really want something. Snaps a picture of an item she likes on her phone and then thinks about it. f I really need it. You will buy it, but this technique is about giving yourself the time and space to get out of the emotional state of FOMO, which can be huge.

The five skills were not immediately available. It takes practice especially to train yourself. But if you do it often It will become a habit that is ingrained. That will allow us to use our money wisely and save a lot of money and have money saved to buy the big things we need. For example, put that money into a car down payment or use the savings from savings to go on a dream trip to experience life, even to invest to make money grow. If you are interested in bringing your savings to increase your passive income, you can easily start investing in mutual funds with SCB EASY application. Learn more at