Things to know before being cheated… Digital criminal

Nowadays, criminal comes in many ways such as a banker, calling to inform you that your account had been hacked and sent you a SMS to gather your personal information input-link whether an ID card, ATM card number, or ATM password (PIN) for unlocking your account.

For your security and safety, we recommend you do as below list, 


  • Do not share your personal information such as ID card, driving license, or passport via any public or any stranger communication whether LINE or email.

  • Do not add or talk to any stranger via LINE because they may share fake evidences such as court orders or arrest order which increase more fake credibility and then in case of you are tricked, the criminal will proceed their fraud steps and resulting in your lost money.

  • Do not share any SMS detail to any stranger especially, the OTP which is a password for your bank transaction and sent to only bank owner account.

  • Do not believe or follow a stranger word about any financial transaction whether ATM, Mobile banking, Internet banking, open the account, or even new ATM card.

The most important thing is not to share any personal information to anyone and keep updating new digital criminal trick from the news to protect yourself from falling for criminal lies and deceptions.