Just scan the face and make a transaction!

Have you ever been bored ... with the steps to show your identity when opening a deposit account and conducting transactions with the bank, including submitting your ID card, and still need a copy of the card with a certified copy, even the card used is a smart card. Which is always disturbing to the users but what can be done, except to be patient. Because this is the basis of security that the bank must comply with the rules and regulations. But these problems are about to disappear. When innovation and technology contribute to convenience and come to be a part of everyday life more today, just scan the face ... can do the transaction!

With physical technology (Physiological Biometrics), for example, Retina Pattern, Iris Pattern, Facial, Ear Shape, including fingerprints (Fingerprint) and Hand Geometry which are all body parts. There is very little chance of being stolen causing financial businesses around the world to adopt this type of identity verification innovation to prevent theft of various transactions Instead of using the same PIN as before.

Recently, the Bank of Thailand (BOT) has allowed commercial banks to use biometric technology such as face scanning. Fingerprint scanning and capture the audio signal can be used to open an account to make a transaction expected to start from the third quarter of 2019 onwards.

In addition, the BOT also stated that there are commercial banks and non-bank financial service providers participating in innovative testing under the 38 Sandbox Regulatory Program. Conducted a study on the 5 financial technology innovations, including QR Code (QR Code) which has been successful. Is widely used, while biometrics will start commercial banks to start service soon

In addition, there is a blockchain that is prepared to be applied in many dimensions, such as in the letter of guarantee. Using a combined test system for both banks, businesses, and enterprises Including used in international money transfers. Machine Learning (Machine Learning) Machine learning Will help to alleviate the burden of audit from personnel use and standardized API emphasizes the importance of information exchange.

For SCB itself, which is an innovative market, it is not too late to accept biometrics and change the experience of opening an account easily. Fast enough to live in the digital age. Can take only 9 minutes to open an account! With easy steps, not complicated and can cover all accounts, including all types of deposit accounts, fund account with SCB Asset Management (SCBAM) and securities trading account with SCB Securities (SCBS). The important thing is that the data can be accessed immediately and reducing the use of paper (paperless) as a world aid.

The process of opening an account is extremely easy. SCB employees will have an iPad Pro as a tool to open an account. Just the customer submits the ID card, plug it into the data reader connected to the iPad Pro and take a face scan. Including signing a signature confirming the information on the digital screen that guarantees data security.

If anyone wants to try to experience the new account opening, it takes only 9 minutes just go to the SCB branch. The service at your bank will never be the same again!