Does this exist! Shop and get a chance to win in Taiwan.

Every beginning or the middle of the month, many people who like to gamble will feel particularly excited that they may win prizes from numbers on paper purchased.
If lucky, will win the prize. On the other hand, many people are disappointed, but still not afraid. How much they already paid for the “lottery"

Buying lottery tickets is considered the investment of most Thai people. Which is usually a loss. Have you ever counted how much we paid per year for a fortune? How good would it be if we didn't have to pay to buy lotteries, but still get free luck from spending money in our daily lives.

Usually when we go shopping shops often give us receipts. Which most people have dumped into the trash without being interested in anything. But not in Taiwan, of course, All receipts are valuable. Paper scraps from shopping in convenience stores May cause you to become a millionaire. In Taiwan, has campaigned for people to request a receipt so that shops will do registration tax registration correctly (The bill that the store writes for itself cannot be used to win prizes).

Therefore 8 digits on the receipt become a lottery and the prize comes from the taxes collected.

Special Prize (10 million NT$) has only one set and must be correct for a total of 8 characters, which has more than 10 awards. If you win, you will be a new millionaire. The Grand Prize will receive 2 million dollars and has one set of numbers and must be correct of all 8 characters as well.

1st prize, get 2 hundred thousand. There are 3 sets of numbers and must be correct of all 8 numbers, can be from any set.

Not just that, the number of the 1st prize set, if matches the last 7 numbers, will be 40,000 NT$ / last 6 numbers will win 10,000 / last 5 will win 4,000 / last 4, will win 1,000 coins / last 3, will win 200 NT$.

Last 3 numbers for the final prize, the type that Thai people are used to can get 200 NT$ and has 2 sets of numbers.

1 Taiwan NT$ is equal to 1 baht, even though we win a small prize is still worth it because we do not lose anything more to win.

The reward period is every 2 months, such as Mar-Apr, will be announced at the end of May. If you win, you get money from early June until early September. After that, it will be considered a waiver. Can check the reward at

To get money is very easy, for big prizes can be picked up at the Post Office, a large branch in the city. Other awards can be received at any Post Office.

For people who say, just go on a trip and don't know when will go back there again. If you win a small prize and feel that it was not worth the fly back to receive the prize. Don't just hurry to throw away the paper to the trash. Because this small paper may change many people's lives. If you don't care about the prize, another option you can do is to donate these receipts to shops, convenience stores or even at airports in Taiwan, there will be a box for accepting donations. We don't need to drop cash. Just putting the receipt in the box is enough. If those receipts were awarded the staff will then raise money to donate to these charities.

receipt lottery that you get for free from buying things that you must buy anyways. No need to waste extra money and the government itself has a tax on the purchase of the goods from merchants. This is considered a win-win policy for both parties.

When shopping in Taiwan Don't forget to ask for a receipt. Fortunately, you may get pocket money to take another trip. Anyone who carries an SCB JCB credit card, remember that when swiping card must select to pay in Taiwan currency, in addition to winning prizes, you still get 3% cash back from the first NT$ that you spent…Okay, now it’s time to check my receipt.