In Food We Trust: "Tammour" recipe to create a Thai-Isan food brand Step forward to the world stage

“Tammour”, one of the ZEN Group's Thai food brands, has more than 140 branches in 4 countries around the world. Had to face heavy fighting during the COVID period Plus, most of the locations are still in the department stores that were temporarily closed. Once the main sales funnel has been closed, what's the exit? Khun Siruwat Chatchawan or Khun Best, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Thai brand business group Zen Corporation Group Public Company Limited, tells us about the formula for a fighting crisis in the ZEN Group style. Along with revealing the story of the brand "Tammour" that originated from mother and passed them to children to build the brand until it became a Thai Isan food brand that has captured the hearts of Thai and foreign customers.


The origin of the restaurant "Tammour"

Khun Best said that in the beginning as a creative at the advertising agency had been keeping branding for their customers for a long time. When had been worked for 10 years, it became saturated, so he wanted to try creating his own brand? In addition, his mother opened a shop selling papaya salad called Nakhon Phanom, Isaan food for over 20 years, with regular customers and selling very well. But not making a profit Because of the lack of effective management and accounting. Including his mother worked alone for almost everything. From this story, this is the starting point of rebranding the Nakhon Phanom restaurant, Isaan food, to become the current "Tammour" restaurant. With the slogan "Spicy food, good at the pound," along with the determination to develop Thai food continuously in order to be accepted from all over the world.


Formula to create a brand style "Tammour"

The idea of ​​rebranding traditional Isan Thai restaurants Transformed into a modern and unique restaurant but still tastes authentic Thai in the Isan food market. With a clear standpoint of the brand Best said that Branding whether big or small, the foundation is the most important. If the foundation is strong then it will be easier to expand any brand. Therefore, we focus on Brand Book as a compass for a brand foundation. As well as paying more attention to the customer's image or logo to make it easier for customers to remember the brand.

How to make the brand stand out?

With all food menus that are rich, intense, spicy, authentic Isan style, from mother's recipe. To the standard of franchised deliciousness. When asked how to make it stand out to be memorable for customers. Best said that the first thing is to make a difference. (Differentiative) does not imitate anyone, holds the strengths, picks up his own self. Second, there is a Product Hero or a restaurant's signature menu, not all good. What is your expertise let customers know. For example, the slogan will say "spicy food, good at pounding" Therefore, the papaya salad here with fermented fish will taste delicious and not sweet in the real Isan style. Third, knowing customers, knowing we, doing what customers want to eat Not something the owner wants to sell. In addition to creating outstanding customer recognition and brand recognition, How do you think about different brands? Bass said that from the opening of more than 140 branches, I began to see that in the market there is still a family group that can open a store in a large mall. Therefore, the Lao-Yuan brand has broken up because there are many Vietnamese people in the northeastern part of the Mekong River. As a result, most Isaan restaurants also have Vietnamese food to sell as well, which is the origin of the Lao-Yuan restaurant approach.

Forward business success through franchises

One of the methods for the success of the “Tummour” brand can rapidly expand its branches both domestically and internationally. Because forwarding success through the franchise system. Khun Best said that I am running a business alone, without a team, without much investment at first. How to make your business grow quickly without capital restrictions. Finding a business partner is the answer. Make the brand stronger and have more awareness. At first, Khun Best had no franchise knowledge, relied on learning from interested partners. Therefore, started making recipes, making a manual operation, which is making a franchise for partners, Khun Best is Delivering proven success to franchisees. Currently, there are more than 140 branches in 4 countries around the world.

"Difference" business extension equation

From the fact that ZEN Group runs the restaurant business with its own restaurant chain and doing a franchise business, ZEN has a lot of restaurants on hand. It is mostly Japanese and fusion cuisine. Shaking hands with Tammaur creates a new category, Thai-Isan food. Khun Best said that ZEN and Tammaur have different strengths. The difference creates knowledge that can be shared. Diversify business risks while having the same passion and goals. Combined, the strength of each party came to help fill. Keep filling the gap between each other. Because if the team is strong, it will be a weapon with wings that will take the Thai brand to the world.

Strategy for drills to escape the crisis

Of course, when the coronavirus occurs, the restaurant business in the type of sitting and eating must face measures to temporarily close department stores Causing the lack of sales channels. But for ZEN Group, including Tammaur who have been through many crises, they have a plan to deal with like a fire drill to get used to finding a way out. Khun Best said that for the ZEN Group a year ago before COVID the CEO oversaw generating sales in a channel that ZEN and Tammour has never had before. Therefore, causing the occurrence of COVID, there are 3 platforms that help increase sales. Both the website delivery and Call Center 1376 as well as the standalone branch expansion. Thus, enabling Zen Group to be able to do business flexibly with a pipeline and various locations. In addition, he has learned that various sales channels are just promoters. But what is important is the product or food, how to make food delicious and similar in taste like eating at a restaurant? Including the importance of packaging such as the package can be put into the microwave oven or spoons can be reused again, etc.

“Khiang”, a new brand, creating a career, generating income to the community

"Khiang" Thai restaurant made to order or street food fast style which is the chain of the ZEN Group brand. Focus on the middle and lower level customers. Including salarymen, families, including students and consumers who want to eat ready to serve. With menus from basil fried rice, garlic pork rice, and suki. The selling point is the strong taste and use of quality and standard raw materials. Khun Best said that from Tummour using raw materials from farmers and various communities. When they come to Khieng, they use the same model, so the shop uses ingredients from a variety of Thai communities. Such as rice from Roi Et Low uric chicken from Khon Kaen Especially during the coronavirus that the raw material shop did not run out Help farmers earn income, communities have work and think that after COVID is over, it will do more because if we can stay, others can stay

Lessons from COVID

Over 30 years of experience in the restaurant business has built the ZEN Group to be strong and ready to handle any situation. Khun Best said the incidence of the coronavirus was not made him panic because has passed many crises before. Such as flooding, many branches had to be closed, making him more careful to solve problems. But must think quickly, make quick decisions, and find a way to save the employee. Along with planning to cope in steps generate cash flow, reduce costs, and communicate with franchisees to ensure that they help in planning sales strategies, help reduce the royalty fee, find new sales channels and help with fund. By having systematic thinking and having an efficient business plan spreading risks all around, ZEN Group continues to operate the business with flexibility and generate sales of 70-80% compared to the usual time. The lessons that Khun Bass learned during COVID had many parts.

  • Sales, most online customers will not repeat orders. Need the strategy to create re-order successfully
  • Pay attention to all types of sales, including taking away, dine-in, delivery because there are many forms to help manage the risks.
  • Build 3 platforms as sales channels: Delivery via App, Website, and Call Center, each of which has equal importance. Such as a website for people who need speed, Call Center for people who do not feel good to use online, etc.
  • Empowering online sales, opening a Virtual Restaurant branch, or a restaurant without a storefront. A new alternative to saving costs.
  • Next, the store doesn't need to have a large area anymore because online channels can generate sales.
  • Build a Cloud Kitchen to open a central kitchen to reduce costs, easier to manage
  • Develop personnel to be efficient. Even using a small number of people, it can push sales growth
  • No need to recruit new employees. Able to use technology to replace labor
  • Create Brand Love for people who love customers to help support during the crisis.
  • Expanded Stand Alone branches because the COVID period is the only branch that is not closed. Plus, help increase sales, generate income, save costs
  • Develop or adjust the new menu in accordance with New Normal.
  • Adapt to the situation rather than forecasts.
  • The brand's strong position and strong products make it survive the crisis.
  • Creating an ecosystem using raw materials from various local farmers. Help generate income for the community and help the restaurant to have ingredients to use during a crisis. The brand is available they can stay. Which is a sustainable business cycle


From the preparation and non-stop to develop the business of ZEN Group by creating new experiences for customers through innovation. Breaking new business lines to expand overseas markets and add delivery channels by using resources efficiently Along with building a central kitchen to support future growth. Including human resource development Which is the heart of the restaurant business. Therefore, it is no surprise that even after several crises, the brands under the ZEN Group are constantly looking for opportunities to grow and expand their businesses. To meet the needs of consumers of various types and lifestyles can watch LIVE SCBTV In Food We Trust: the taste of ZEN.


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Source: LIVE SCBTV In Food We Trust: A Taste of ZEN by Khun Siruwat Chatchawan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Thai brand business group Zen Corporation Group Public Company Limited broadcast on Facebook SCB Thailand June 16, 2020