Learned from bankruptcy

Who knew that before being a successful actress lived a beautiful life today? Life may have been broken as an angel fell from heaven before. From the daughter of a company owner whose life had everything, stayed in a big house, drove a luxury car. But life had to turn around on the day when the family went bankrupt with over 20 million baht of debt! How did she think, what kind of battle she was able to stand up again in the sky after the rain? Hear how to fight and turned the debt crisis into a stable career and financial path from Khun Ying Gunya Raivin, famous actor, host, radio host, and including the roles of a businesswoman.


Tom Yum Goong crisis turned the rich young lady into a tough girl

From the life of second-year Chulalongkorn students where life has everything, but life must change overnight. Because the family has bankruptcy with a debt of more than 20 million baht. Must change from a big house to a townhome and sold Mercedes-Benz and used ordinary Japanese cars. Which she told her mom to sell the car by herself because she was embarrassed to drive a luxury car but has no money. After that, had changed herself and sold luxury brand-name items anything that's can be sold included clothes, shoes, bags to exchange money to take care of the family. But the sky was not too cruel to the grateful young girl. She had the opportunity to work in the entertainment industry and started casting an advertisement shoot. She went to all the places, even though some jobs already know she could not get a job, but she went anyways. To give yourself the opportunity for other jobs in the future. Working hard without choosing, never contending, never refusing work If the work does not hurt anyone, and is honest work. "There was a job that only earned three thousand baht, but I could do two days for six thousand. So, I went." Khun Ying tells about patience and not to despise less. Used to accept three consecutive advertising jobs and worked very hard to save the family. “The toothbrush is never dry. One o'clock finished work and six o'clock in the morning, had to continue working, tired but happy " Self-employed, and did everything without a manager. Finally, with diligence and spend money wisely, the house can be paid over four million baht in 8 years. "The day when the mortgage ended when I saw the red Garuda on the title deed in my name. So proud, it is the first treasure in life. " With indomitable patience, she achieved her first goal despite at a young age.

Adding positive energy to fight change

From a life that people are envious that born with everything. When the day to change, not comfortable, not as luxurious as before but got the words of her mother who said "Do not be ashamed that we are poor to be embarrassed if we are bad " Therefore do not stick to the past and adapt to a new life. And she is fortunate to have good friends who did not despise, did not aggravate, and supported. Shared food to eat and drove to school. Both the people around her who were encouraging and positive in herself allowed her to endure and overcome. Even though a girl aged 18-19 had to cry a lot on that day, she said she was never discouraged about suicide. Crying was able to lighten and release. Khun Ying tells about her struggles with her past experiences.

When asked if you saw any light in the dark at that time, she replied that she did not see the light. But knowing that there is water above you must reach it and you must be saved. You don't need to see the light but you have to believe that there is light and you have to reach " That taught her to be tough and patient in order to save herself and her family from the darkness underwater to the light and the sparkling water above.

Lessons on finance and work that learned from the crisis

In the financial crisis, she is smart to spend money. Khun Ying summarized our lessons on finance that we must:

  • Have financial discipline. Pay the debt on schedule No minimum credit card payments
  • Allocation of income both invest and use. The rest is used to meet our own needs.
  • Savings before use, get money to save first, then use it or you will spend too much money.
  • Diversify investment Don't put eggs in one basket. If you want to invest anything, use the cold money first.
  • Have emergency savings. Do not use money in the future. Have enough cash flow.
  • Not a superfluous and only spend when needed.
  • There is passive income such as various investments. Or buying insurance
  • As for the lessons on work Khun Ying said that some work may not be loved or don't like it but do your best. Our preferences with work may be the opposite. The work we enjoy may not work well. But work we don't like in the first place can produce good results. So, no matter what work, we must do our best, whether we like it or not. She gave an example of a drama that had to play the role of an unattractive lady. At the end of the drama, she received really good feedback from viewers that the characters were cute and well-acted.

Making business adjustments to deal with COVID

Besides being an actor and a host, Khun Ying has many businesses to take care of. The main thing is the Phoenix hair salon that has been doing more than 10 years. Including Mun FM radio waves at Chiang Mai, an event company, and tutoring schools. Almost all businesses are affected by COVID. Causing income to disappear by more than 90%. But fortunately, now she has no debt. Khun Ying said that have less, spend less. And what we need to do is let go and focus on the business gap that we can do. Find opportunities in crisis and don't be sad. Don't blame it.

Like a salon, she encouraged her employees to develop their skills. Add knowledge to make them better and including encouragement. And there is also a social contribution program by organizing a free haircut program for doctors at the hospital. It also must adjust by maximizing the channels to reach customers as possible. Study the remaining market gaps. Adapt to changing customer characteristics and needs by developing the business of haircut delivery service. As for the event company, it is organized into a virtual event. The tutoring school has adapted to teach online instead. Which now, although there is a unlock down, still do not expect much profit. Just let the business survive and earn enough money to take care of the employees.

Family is a spare batter

Another very important thing that drives the lady to stand up from falling and getting up until today is the family. As the Khun Ying's mother said “Other houses have money but may not be as happy as us. He is richer than us but may not love each other as much as our family. " Which Khunying said the family was like a spare battery. "No matter how much suffering is, if you look at the people behind me, I am encouraged and intend to do everything to make them comfortable " She also said that taking care of the family well. Must take good care of yourself as well.

Life lessons from Khun Ying Ganya Raiwin are valuable lessons that show the truth of life that nothing is certain. But what is more important is not to give up on fate and gratitude. Enduringly pushing herself and the family until the bright light at the end of the tunnel was accomplished. Making the young lady who used to live a life of luxury and convenience in those days became a strong, hardworking woman who is good at business and managing money. Because she had already received an intense life vaccine. Who knew that without that crisis, there could be no tough woman today? Because every crisis is an opportunity

Source: SCBTV PAY IT FORWARD What is investing: Learn from the failure (bankruptcy) on Facebook SCB Thailand June 23, 2020.