Pay it Forward: I am a Businesswoman Poyd -Treechada’s style

Every investment has a meaning for life. And every life has many background stories. Khun Poyd Treechada Petcharut, as well behind the beauty in the entertainment industry Who knew she was a strong businesswoman? Who do not give up on doing business that she loves until success? Meet the first open mind as management of 3 companies from 3 businesses she will share her views and ideas in business management. As well as delivering experiences that benefit from financial planning in Poyd Treechada style.


From actresses to business women

When it comes to female celebrities who are well known both domestically and internationally, especially in Hong Kong and mainland China, Poyd Treechada's name must be on the list. Khun Poy described the beginning of her role as a businesswoman as a fantasy person. Like to make the impossible come true. When thinking about creating a brand, Poyd knows that the strength of the product is that it is a product that is of superior quality. As such, the goal of building a brand is not the only domestic sales, it must be established as a Global Brand. But what can be done to empower and strengthen the brand's potential? For this reason, she went to Ogilvy, Thailand's number one agency. Knowing that not all of them are skilled, they must rely on professionals to help her build her brand and develop PR strategies. Until successfully settling the brand foundation. Poyd also sees that the real brand development is Developing good product quality. When the product is good, it can sell itself. Not a product can sell because of marketing alone. From the idea of ​​starting a business to build a strong brand foundation, Poyd said that since the opening of Furfoo Pacific Co., Ltd., herbal supplements in 2011 until now, marketing costs are very low. Allowing time to take care of old customers and improve product quality for better

Not familiar with the path naturally lost its way

people who have never had experience in doing business often face obstacles. Likewise, Khun Poy told about a valuable lesson that cannot be found in the textbook. When launching the product for the first time, Khun Poyd only thought that he would sell B to C by herself, used Instagram promotion with 2 people in the office, a Call Center with 10 telephone lines. Make a list of questions and answers prepared. It appears that the line pair is full of products sold out immediately. As for the e-mails that are prepared for customers to send evidence of money transfer, there are more than 50,000 emails made the system errors, which makes it possible to learn the mistakes that the sales channels must be managed more efficiently.

Later, there was a company asking to be a distributor and distributing the product. At first, Poyd saw that it was good because it eliminated the problem of sales channels. No need to contact customers or delivers the product yourself. Received a lump sum and can be used for further investment. But the truth is not as expected. Even if the problem of sales channels is gone but new problems followed because she cannot control the price of products and product communication that causing you to gain a new foothold. This time, we look all around to find solutions to solve past problems. By creating 2 sales channels: e-Commerce with a system for customers to purchase products directly Solve the problem of uncontrollable agent sales and selling through Modern Trade such as Watson Eve & Boy and leading pharmacies.

Moving into Modern Trade is not an easy task for SMEs. So what techniques are there for success? Khun Poyd said that Since its inception, the company has set a guideline that it will be SMEs with the most standard. When creating a product, she always thinks that it must exceed the general standard. Like a small building where there is no dust at all, in every corner. The smaller the building, the better. Because you can be in total control. When the product must be offered for sale with Modern Trade, there is no need to adjust anything. Because the product has a standard higher than general products already. And Khun Poyd has also created more credibility for the product. By using the products to pass the quality certification from leading institutions, both public and private sectors that are recognized by the Ministry of Public Health. Makes it time to submit an offer for sale at Modern Trade with little to do. More importantly, when issuing products, they choose to do something new. That in Thailand has never done before. Because the more difficult it is a very low chance of a competitor or someone to follow. Here are the secrets of ten years of business success.

Use freelance to help create a super productive

Establishing a company must have regular employees as a force to drive towards the goals. But for you, Poyd thinks in different angles. Because of past lessons from mistakes in human resource management. Found that instead of managers looking at their performance, they focus on missing out or get to work late which is not beneficial for the business. Making it must be reset Find a new way from being a presenter for many brands, as well as being a person who is looking for knowledge from work, she requested an opportunity to attend a meeting with the management. She learns that using freelance to drive a company helps to create a super productive rather than a full-time employee. Until now, the company has only 20% of Full-Time employees. And in the future will Work from Home because she has set all the systems can Cross Check various tasks immediately now, just look at the overview that comes out only.

From supplement manufacturers to BioPharma

With a person who likes to think outside the box and from knowing professors who are researchers Including having friends who are in the pharmaceutical and scientific circles. Khun Poyd told the idea of ​​setting up the company that starting from Thailand, has strengths in agriculture. There are many kinds of medicinal plants. It has world-class recognized medical services. In addition, Thailand has researches related to innovation and technology that can be extended to do business. And from a background that graduated from the Faculty of Science Cosmetic Technology North Chiang Mai University. And have added additional knowledge in many courses such as the Diploma of Science Genetic engineering courses. This resulted in has a group of teachers and friends who network in these areas to talk and create business ideas. So, they formed the Bio Pharma Tech company with the objective of research and development of drugs and medical devices. And has collaborated with many institutions both in the country and abroad, such as Dr. Erik H. Fleischman in joint research of the product. And Institute of Pharmacy, Rangsit University, Manose Health and Beauty Research Center, Lab from Vietnam and in the future after the end of COVID, Poy aims to apply for a drug patent or the FDA in the United States. To continue this business to the Global level, business lines in the Bio-Pharmaceutical line.

Another road to property developers

With an image that looks neat and soft It made many people unaware that the next business that Khun Poyd caught was being a real estate developer in Phuket. Which is a boiling battlefield that if anyone does not know the truth in the area, the chance to miss is very high. But for Khun Poy has proven that She is able to become a real estate developer in a beautiful way, guaranteed by 4 Hi-End projects at Sold Out. The path to becoming a property developer how it happened. Khun Poyd said that because she was originally from Phuket, she could understand the nature of the location here. In addition, having traveled abroad frequently, thus understanding the needs of foreigners what they like. This allows her to see business opportunities and know that it is the blue waters that are hard to find competitors.

Even if Khun Poyd said that this business is just a hobby. But with the need to know deeply and know the truth of what you do before investing, she went in and waded by herself. Use radar for finding remote locations that far from communities with large trees, soil quality, building structure selection, etc. Including finding insights related to the government sector. Such as the land appraisal price, prohibition law, various restrictions, utilities, who is the land next to, and financial institutions. You can say that Khun Poyd had a long checklist to look for the exact location she wanted. Because of the desire to learn and do the real thing by herself. Made Khun Poyd to analyze the project, assessed risks and find business possibilities. Until being successful as a developer of real estate properties.

Wealth Management in Poyd-Treechada style

Many people can earn a lot of money. But how many people will be able to manage their money growing or generate passive income without the effort? As for Khun Poy, who has income in various ways, both from work in the entertainment industry and catching a variety of businesses. Makes she want to know about wealth management like Khun Poyd style. She said she discovered the wonders of Financial Literacy through reading books. "Rich Dad Teaches Kids" by Robert Kiyosaki. Books on the shelf in finance and investment. Has sparked to see the importance of liabilities and assets that differ. Therefore, turned to carefully review her own financial cycle Analyze the life balance sheet. Learn to build financial discipline and know-how to invest to grow her money. Ready to pass on the knowledge to the family, that is, her younger brother. Because Khun Poy thinks that if her brother knows money management and investment, no matter what happens he can still survive standing on his own feet.

Before the end of the program, Poyd gave an inspiring insight into financial discipline. Take note of Richard H. Thaler's book Misbehaving in Behavioral Economics. That in the past when planning a business or financial planning People will think about how to do as much as possible (Maximize), this method is old. Now you need to think about how to do it that best suits your quality of life (Optimize). Because if Maximize a lot and then do not know what to do or Can you truly improve your happiness? If that's the case, it's better to do it in a fit style. Including financial management, must know what you want. Now the income is hard to find. It's easier to cut expenses. We choose our life not someone else. If you understand the cost, understand about expenses you can manage wealth. This is her money management secret.

As a successful businesswoman, Khun Poyd proves that it's not just because she is a famous person. But from determination, dedication, deep knowledge, real knowledge, the pursuit of knowledge, meticulousness in every detail. To pursue the dream of doing business and develop quality products that truly meet and understand customer insight by not only aiming for profit. It is the key to unlocking success on the business street of a businesswoman named Poyd-Treechada.

Source: SCB TV series "Pay it Forward" episode "I am a Businesswoman" via Facebook SCB Thailand Date 25 Jun 20