Think Wisely Before Shopping Online

Now that life is easier, just one click away and then the products will be right at your door. That’s why online shops or stores have emerged immensely to respond to those shopaholics. Online stores tempt the shoppers with a swift stock and offer pre-orders of both local and brand name products from abroad. Without the physical-presence cost, most shoppers perceive that online products are “cheaper”.

That belief is not always right! Online stores or even the product brand owners realize that the market is highly demanding. Often, the price of pre-order for popular items, especially the hot and imported collection that was just launched, are higher than those sold in physical shops and department stores.

Some stores that pre-order goods overseas ‘fly and buy’ the products on their own while some use connections, ask agents or frequent flyers like flight attendants to select and buy the products for them. The top destinations for stylish items include Japan, Korea, England, and the USA. A profit-sharing for all parties is normally made under agreement. 

In addition to shopping fee paid to the agents, many stores also carry cost for the courier or shipping companies who are representatives of the importers and exporters to handle customs clearance on behalf of the store owners. All those factors significantly increase the product cost, plus a minimum of 20-30% profit to worth their effort. No wonder many of us faced devastating experience when found that the products we ordered, are more expensive than sold in retail shops. We bear the pain of waiting for our pre-orders at least 2 weeks and we even challenge ourselves and take risk for ordering goods from a new online shop for the first time.

Apart from the price tag that may be lower than online ordering, the promotions currently offering by department stores joined by credit cards, are really striking. This bring you the best deals as you will get top-up discount over the on-sale products. For high-ticket items, you may choose light payment with 0% installment plan provided for electrical appliances, electronics devices, furniture, clothes and more. Those who enjoy a shopping spree and don’t want to take a big burden of payment, may go for that offer and save money for a rainy day.

Our needs are now triggered by massive online influencers “blogger review” whose reviews on cosmetics and fashion items are spread by word of mouth before launching in Thailand. This leads to an opportunity for online stores to generate profit from those who are willing to be the ‘pioneer buyers’.

Just keep “waiting patiently” till your wish-list products reach Thai market, we guarantee you will get a genuine and cheaper item. Most importantly, you can touch and feel products without doubt whether the products under reviews would fit you well.